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Wednesday, November 28th, from 09.15 am, at Castiglioni Aula F.lli Campoli Bovisa of the Polytechnic of Miano, Via Durando 10, back Italian Yacht Design Conference, the event organized by the Master Yacht Design University of that, arrived at the third edition, it offers reflections and comparisons in the nautical

Achieving this is easy when cruise operators offer their guests the chance to take an exhilarating ride on a catamaran from US-based company CraigCat Corporation. Designed for everyone, the 11-foot-long CraigCat catamarans have a striking design and exude fun - people are always drawn to them when they see them in

NÁUTICA CAPACITACIÓN PARA INSTRUCTORESDurante el pasado end of semana, instructores náuticos de la Patagonia is capacitaron in the ciudad of Puerto Madryn. It has traveled of a capacitación dictada por integrantes of the technical staff of the Federación Argentina de Yachting, in an event realized in Club Náutico Atlántico South. El acto

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