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Fendi and Invictus Yacht sign the 370 GT Special Edition

Fendi and Invictus Yacht sign the 370 GT Special Edition

We have seen nautical and car companies meet in projects with an interesting flavor.

Now it’s up to fashion: this is what we suggest the collaboration between Invictus Yacht and Anna Fendi in the creation of the 370 GT Special Edition.

Made in Italy to the umpteenth power that sees the designer 84ne in the forefront without the support of the group of which the Fendi brand is part of giving a touch to a market that is rediscovering its ancient splendor in recent years and that is embracing with joy the “contaminations” of stable and eclectic brands. In this case it is Invictus, a young Calabrian shipyard with a range of outboard and outboard sport boats enjoying this dive in the Fendi family boating.

Specifically, this collaboration is the result of an agreement between the designer and Christian Grande, the designer of the Invictus production: a meeting of exceptional minds born almost by chance thanks to a holiday. He explained the professional to the press:

The 370GT Special Edition is the result of an exchange of ideas between me and Anna Fendi. The alchemy created between me and Anna and the ability to transfer our feelings and our ideas, has allowed us to create a product that contains our two styles in perfect balance. The result is a truly unique boat that meets the needs of a precise market niche.

This is how the 370 GT Special Edition was born: an extraordinary boat with fantastic Fendi interiors, unusual perhaps for the context, but perfect overall.

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