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Genoa candidate to host the Volvo Ocean Race

Genoa candidate to host the Volvo Ocean Race

Adrenaline, adventure, danger, extreme sailing. It’s the Volvo Ocean Race, a sailing race around the world, held every three years: between eight and ten stages for over 70,000 km of races in the most insidious waters on the planet.

Genoa could also be included in the next calendar, a safe destination for one of the arrivals. The Old Port of the Ligurian capital offers a modern structure and a tourist center that could convince the organizers to choose it. The candidacy of Genoa was presented months ago, passing a first selection; now, it will face the second stage, the most difficult, which could make it cut a prestigious milestone.

At the International Boat Show the Genoese candidacy was discussed and the next edition of the extreme regatta was presented.

“The selection process – explained the president of the Volvo Ocean Race, Richard Brisius – is complex. Once the locations have been chosen, between October and April we will draw around the world. Genoa is a fascinating solution. In the next month we will make our evaluations. “The next edition of the world tour will start from the Spanish city of Alicante in September / October 2021 to end in Europe in May / June 2022.

“The 2021-22 edition of the manned world tour – continued the number one of the Volvo Ocean Race – will see two new monotype classes lined up: the IMOCA 60 and the VO65 (boat already used in the last two editions). Each of the two divisions has its own characteristics and the inclusion of the two classes will make the regatta more open for sailors and designers, as well as involving a wider spectrum of fans, increasing the added value for sponsors, partners, and stakeholders. In particular, the Imoca 60 are boats used for solo regattas or in small crews, dedicated to tours around the world: they are in line with our project. In this way, moreover, we will have the best of two worlds. ”

During the presentation the topic of pink quotas in the crews was touched. “The sailors are all the same – Brisius emphasized strongly – The speech does not exist we are all surfers and all have the same opportunities.”

Absolute openness also to young people: “The VO65 class is for them, Olympic and champions of the America’s Cup have made their first experiences in sailing at sea with these monotypes. We hope the teams open even more to the guys in the ocean wing. “

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