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Briatore investigated for corruption. «Favors to get back your Force Blue yacht»

Briatore investigated for corruption. «Favors to get back your Force Blue yacht»

Thanks to Flavio Briatore, the Kenya resort of the former director of the Genoa Revenue Agency, Walter Pardini, would have entered the VIP circuit. In return, the manager would have closed his “dispute” with the Revenue with a report that challenged the decision of the court of first instance to be asserted on appeal and obtain an acquittal.

A real corruption as well as an attempted misdirection, according to the prosecutor and the judge for preliminary investigations, which ordered the house arrest for Pardini and for the accountant of Briatore, Andrea Parolini, of the well-known Maisto studio in Milan. Two Fiscal officials, Elena Costa and Claudia Sergi, were banned for a month from their duties. Briatore is investigated for corruption and in the coming days he could appear before the public prosecutors to be interrogated.

The investigation of the first group of the finance guard, under the orders of Colonel Ivan Bixio, had left two years ago, immediately after the arrest in flagrante of Pardini while he received a 7,500-euro bribe from a Campania security company, a matter for which he was sentenced with a six-year abbreviated procedure.

From there it turns out that the former director of the revenue had repeatedly obtained bribes and favors in exchange for “facilitated” management of the practices with the Fisco.It is among these practices that check also that with Briatore. The top manager, according to the investigating judge, is a character “well known to the worldly news, undoubtedly shrewd and unscrupulous.” “Briatore – continues the investigating judge – has accepted the corrective agreement on the suggestion of his criminal lawyers making himself a promoter in first person of the initiatives of the suspect (Parolini)”. The accountant himself is described, by his own admission, as one who acts “with a certain ‘confidence” to benefit his customers with transactions below threshold or imputing certain interest taxes. On other occasions, he has promoted incorrect certifications that could influence the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

“The corrective agreement is underlined in the manner in which Briatore closes the practice with the Tax Office. “In the context of a signing of a conciliation of about 3 million – reads the order – Briatore would have regained, with an acquittal on appeal, the Force Blue which is worth 20 million. In practice, the manager spontaneously paid sums that would hardly be admitted to the Tax Office, given that in Italy it is null and has its assets in various foreign trusts.

” The reason for this agreement Parolini explains it to the Agency’s interdicted officials. Intercepted the professional says: “a favor to me if I have Briatore do All this money I have to do.” The favor according to the investigating judge and the accusation would have been to influence the appeal judgment. But the attempt goes wrong: Pardini is arrested and Briatore was also convicted in the second degree.

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