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Luca Brenta Yacht, the B-yacht brand in safe hands

Luca Brenta Yacht, the B-yacht brand in safe hands

Luca Brenta Yacht has inaugurated its new headquarters in Milan. With Luca there are entrepreneurs and professionals who put their experience in the nautical world to good use.

“I grew up among my father’s projects and I learned to go boating thanks to him – says Giovanni Brenta, Luca’s son, a graduate in architecture. “For me it is an honor to support him in this initiative”.

Among the promoters of the transaction also Alberto Castiglioni (sole director of Luca Brenta Yacht), a past as an entrepreneur in luxury goods: “Our program opens in the sign of continuity. We restart from the models B 30, B 38 and B 42, of which many models were built, and from custom boats, such as the B 52 and the B 60, made for the most demanding owners. The development of the new models will once again be the work of Luca “.

“The beginning of the new nautical season – adds Enrico Malingri, head of marketing – is the best period to respond to requests received from potential owners and to get back in touch with those who own a B-yacht”.

The models, created in 2004 by the Luca Brenta & C. Studio Associate pencil, are characterized by easy sailing. From the B 30, designed as a day-sailer, to the larger B 38 and B 42, also equipped with cab, the B-yachts are very performing, equipped with a hull and a carbon fiber deck on an epoxy foam core. characterized by stability of weight – over 60 percent in keel – lead bulb, maneuvers managed by the helm column, essential look and attractive, covered in teak.


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