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Tir transports yachts of 15 meters and slips into a construction site

Tir transports yachts of 15 meters and slips into a construction site

Campi Bisenzio (Florence), 10 October 2018 – The Polstrada of Florence has blocked and fined on the A / 1, at the height of Campi Bisenzio, a 43-year-old truck driver who was carrying out an exceptional transport ignoring the limits and rules laid down. The man, originally from Salerno, had left Fiumicino to deliver a 15-meter yacht to Livorno and, having arrived near the Incisa toll booth, he would have to stop due to the presence of a narrowing and exchange of carriageway, due to course.

The driver had also been warned that he could not continue with such a bulky cargo, but he had to wait for the completion of the work scheduled for a few hours. In fact, the risk of causing an accident with vehicles coming from the opposite direction was very high, but he was in a hurry to deliver the luxurious boat and, therefore, pulled straight and forced the crossed vehicles to touch the guard-rail to avoid the impact. Some motorists, frightened by the escaped danger, have alerted the Centrale della Polstrada, which immediately sent a patrol. The policemen managed to prevent the Tir from combining other troubles, stopping the vehicle and fining the driver. The company that took care of the transport risks not being able to do it anymore.

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