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Trieste, the navigable canal becomes a beauty salon for the maxi yacht of the New Zealand tycoon PHOTO

Trieste, the navigable canal becomes a beauty salon for the maxi yacht of the New Zealand tycoon PHOTO

TRIESTE It passes the playing field hosted in the San Siro stadium. Because the Milanese green carpet stretches for 105 meters, while the maxi-yacht “Ulysses”, landed yesterday morning at 8.40 am at the quay of the nautical pole in the navigable canal, stretches for 116 meters. Where the guys from Spalletti and Gattuso do not run, but about forty people employed on board. The Triestians have already had the pleasure of meeting this quasi-ship, when in August he had supported his respectable measures at the Molo Pescheria. Now its name so joyciana, “en pendant” with the city where the Irish writer had lived in the first decade of the ‘900, Giovanni da Verrazzano stands on the bank, waiting for the “guarantee” works to begin and the “wishlist” is satisfied “Of the shipowner, who is the New Zealand magnate Graeme Hart.

The contract was awarded through the dual commitment of Trs (Trieste refitting system) and the Tys agency (Trieste yacht service, Samer group): in particular, the companies Quaiat, Meccano Engineering, Zinelli & Perizzi are part of Trs. There are not many details on the type of intervention (maintenance, repatriation, etc.) that will last a month and a half, and not even on the value of the order: the figure of one million, circulated a couple of weeks ago, has not been confirmed . On the other hand, it is emphasized how the competition of construction sites operating in the Balearic Islands and in Greece was won: to Mr. Hart before Trieste and then the “package” agency-refitting they liked.

Once the cosmetics have been completed, “Ulysses” will resume the sea and head for the east coast of the United States. The Atlantic is an interlocutor with whom to come to terms with the best form. Hart does not intend to rent it in the periods when he does not travel. The super-yacht, of the “explorer” class, was built in the Norwegian yard Klaven, while the furniture was taken care of in the German Bremerhaven: apart from the aforementioned length, “Ulysses” is 18 meters wide, 6,700 tons tonnage, can accommodate 66 passengers – including crew – accommodated in 24 cabins. On board a helipad, where a Bell 429 is able to take off / land. A tender, the Princess F68, stretches with its 37 tons by 21 meters. “Ulysses” is quoted 250 million dollars.

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The previous Hart maxi-yacht was also called “Ulysses” and was 10 meters shorter than the last edition: it seemed that he had bought the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, but the news had been denied. As for the owner-owner, the character is everything. Sixty-three years old, Hart is a typical self-made man: he did not close his studies and became a truck driver, before dedicating himself to the redemption of deceased businesses. Along this road he became the richest man in New Zealand and is in the Forbes list that collects the cream of world abundance. He holds his home in Auckland but also in Fiji and Colorado.

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