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Dozens of tourists killed trapped in sinking cruise ships in the Phuket Sea

Dozens of tourists killed trapped in sinking cruise ships in the Phuket Sea

Cruise passengers who survived after drowning in Phuket waters, Thursday (05/07/2018).

BANGKAPOS.COM, PHUKET – A ship accident that killed dozens of people again occurred.

This time, a cruise ship carrying tourists sank in Phuket waters, the most popular tourist area in Thailand.

The Phoenix cruise ship carried 105 passengers, the largest were tourists from China, numbering 93 people, 12 crew from Thailand and tour guides.

The ship sank on the high seas on Thursday (07/07/2018) yesterday.

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Direct searches were carried out by the Thai Navy.

Navy deputy commander, Rear Admiral Chareonpol Kumrasee, Friday (07/06/2018) told Reuters that divers found enough corpses on the cruise ship.

The wreck of the Phoenix cruise ship on the seabed. Dozens of people are trapped inside

The death toll reached 27 people and 29 people were missing, but the chances of survival for the disappeared were low, Chareonpol said.

Local fishing boats helped evacuate the passengers who were swaying in the ocean.

Local police are investigating the incident.

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From the initial investigation, said the police, the vessel was registered correctly and was not overloaded when the accident occurred.

The ship was reported to be upside down about 7 kilometers from the coast (5 miles) and sank at a depth of about 38-40 meters, the Royal Thai Marine Corps said in a statement.

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