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The mysterious and luxurious yacht Artic P arrives in Cozumel

The mysterious and luxurious yacht Artic P arrives in Cozumel

Gustavo Villegas / SIPSE

 COZUMEL.- Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman spent their honeymoon on it. Katie Holmes, second wife of the American actor also enjoyed his comforts. Model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom were on board.

He arrived on October 18 and cast anchor in the Cozumel harbor but almost nobody knows that it is one of the most luxurious yachts in the world: the Arctic P. It is owned by billionaire mogul James Packer, who inherited it after his death. Father Kerry Packer.

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Sources inside the port captaincy on Cozumel Island keep in a special way the information that surrounds this ship, who is on board and how many people arrived on it. The departure date of the port and its destination are not disclosed either. It’s confidential information, says the source.

However, the internet portal, which follows the trajectory of vessels, indicates that the port from which it comes is the Balboa, in Panama.

What the source reveals in the captaincy is that in the year of 1969, when it was launched into the sea for the first time, it did so like an icebreaker. In 1995 Kerry Parker acquired it and transformed it into a luxury yacht.

Its design and steel helmet made it think that it is a research vessel, one more of those that arrive in Cozumel.

A search on the internet portal provides information that in 2008 it underwent a second remodeling to update it and improve its interiors for entertainment.

It measures 88 meters long, 15 meters long and sails at 17 knots with the Bahamas flag. Its crew is 25 people, space and amenities for 15 guests, heliport.

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