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Route of the Rum. A Guyader boat with a douarnenist accent

Route of the Rum. A Guyader boat with a douarnenist accent

Marie-Noelle Plenier, Christian Guyader, Bertrand Poulmarc’h and Gwen Chapalain, just minutes from the start of the convoy.

The catamaran of Christian Guyader, president of Guyader Gastronomie, left Monday Tréboul to join Saint-Malo, where he will take the departure of the Route du Rhum. For his challenge, the entrepreneur surrounded himself with many Douarnenists.

“I’m not going to learn how to maneuver the boat at fifteen days from the start: now everything is played in the head”. Christian Guyader, 58 years old and president of Guyader Gastronomie, well known on Douarnenez to be the official sponsor of the Grand Prix Guyader, participates this year as a skipper at the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe, on a multihull in the colors of his company. A challenge for this father of three who runs 427 employees on land. “This Monday morning again, I was settling company records,” he says.

The catamaran on which he will start the race alone on 4 November in Saint-Malo has just finished his final preparations at the port of Tréboul. An offshore race like the Route du Rhum is a sum of details, far from being mere sailing. This Monday, late morning, the boat left the outskirts of Tristan Island for a journey to the city of Malouine, where it will enter on Tuesday.

The guardian angel and the Atlantic eagle

This nod to Douarnenez, for this catamaran born and based in Lorient, is not trivial. Christian Guyader’s links with the city are strong. Two assistants, Marie-Noëlle Plénier and Bertrand Poulmarc’h, even came to greet him Monday before departure. The Douarnenist Gwen Chapalain, his “boat captain” in charge of the overall management of the project, is from the beginning alongside the skipper in this adventure. The two men will trade at least twice a day during the race. “We have developed great confidence for years, it’s my guardian angel, and for these last adjustments, it was simpler for him and his team to have the boat here, at hand,” says the chef. business.

Being at the start, combining the preparations with my business activities, is already a big challenge

The “weather gentleman” of the project, Jean-Jacques Quéré, who will look after the heavens during the crossing, is also a Penn sardin: “It makes me think of an eagle flying over the Atlantic to watch everything that s “There,” says the entrepreneur, who sets the goal to cover 3,542 nautical miles in less than 21 days.

In his Multi Rum category, he will meet big names such as Loïck Peyron or Bertrand de Broc. “To be at the beginning, by combining the preparations with my business activities, is already a big challenge: today, I am rather relaxed,” says Christian Guyader.

Will that still be the case on Sunday, November 4, at 2 pm?

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