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Former Argentine deputy minister will deliver a plane and a yacht after accepting accusation

Former Argentine deputy minister will deliver a plane and a yacht after accepting accusation

Former Vice Minister of Transportation of Argentina during the Kirchner, Ricardo Jaime, agreed to plead guilty to the crime of illicit enrichment, after reaching an agreement with the prosecutor of the case that will request a sentence of only four years in prison.

In the agreement of the defendant of the Prosecutor and Jaime also stated that the defendant must deliver to the treasury some of its properties to compensate for the damage caused, including a Lear Jet aircraft, a yacht valued at one million dollars and a luxurious department in Buenos Aires, newspaper Clarín of Argentina reported.

Although an agreement was reached with prosecutor Gabriela Baigún, the agreement must still be signed by the sixth chamber of the Federal Criminal Oral Court, which should accept the accuser’s proposal and ratify the sentence to 4 years in prison.

The agreement also includes the payment of 40 million Argentine pesos, a figure that Jaime would have obtained after selling part of his assets in recent years, including a hotel in Brazil. Jaime is investigated for enriching himself through the cobra de coimas during his years as deputy minister of transport (2003-2009), and this sentence will be added to the one he has for other causes, all linked to corruption.

Equally, the greater pain will fulfill it by the 8 years of prison that was condemned in the well-known cause like the “tragedy of the 11”, in reference to a railway accident where they died 51 people and in which a series of negligences was verified on the part of of the transport authorities, from lack of control as the purchase of materials in poor condition, due to the diversion of public money.

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