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Targa 37, a concentrate of maxi-yacht, on 37 feet!

Targa 37, a concentrate of maxi-yacht, on 37 feet!

The term yacht is generally used from 60 feet, to characterize luxury units, highly personalized by their owners or owners.

This term, however, no doubt applies to an unusual project, the Finnish shipyard Botnia Marin, marketed in France by the company Snip Yachting of Ouistreham, as the quality of its units ranging from 23 to 46 feet, comes out of lot.

Its Targa, the famous 4×4 of the sea, display a timeless design, between motoryacht, commuter boat and rescue star, reassuring and timeless, recognizable among thousands on the water, far from the bling-bling of certain sites Italian.

Reassuring, the Targa are certainly, with their marine skills out of the ordinary, because of a superb hull, which can be used in all weathers, their foamed hulls making them unsinkable, while offering great rigidity and silence appreciable in navigation, at speeds … amazing!

Targa if they offer a very high level of security, are nonetheless very powerful units, on board which we take pleasure in flying, whether from the flybridge or from the square.

The Targa 37 that interests us today is a motoryacht with a top speed of nearly 38 knots: not bad when you consider that it offers a level of luxury is comfort that takes us directly to the world of luxury which we were talking about previously.

A world of luxury and yachting that materializes in the opportunity offered to any owner of Targa to personalize his boat at will, whether it is the “small” 23 feet, or the big 46 feet, and that allows have a “mini” yacht almost unique.

Are you still asking questions?

Follow us without delay in this video visit of the Targa 37 presented by Snip Yachting during the last Grand Pavois of La Rochelle …

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