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The Italian shipyard Cantiere Del Pardo (Grand Soleil and Pardo) taken over by his two managers

The Italian shipyard Cantiere Del Pardo (Grand Soleil and Pardo) taken over by his two managers

Capital movements continue in the world of boating and yachting, with the announcement of the takeover of the Italian shipyard Cantiere Del Pardo by its two managers, Fabio Planamente and Luigi Servidati, after a MBO (Management Buy Out) realized through a capital increase of 5 million euros.

This capital increase of 5 million euros, implemented by the financial company LS Roma, allows the two managers to take control of this project, previously controlled by the family Trevisani and Andrea Amadori, who remain, however, to the capital, Luigi Servidati being appointed Chairman of the Board, and Fabio Planamente, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Luigi Servidati and Fabio Planamente managed the Cantiere Del Pardo project as managers since 2014, after having worked there for several years, the first since 2000 and the second since 2009, in different successive positions.

In 2014, with the entry into the company of the Trevisani family, Luigi Servidati was appointed sales manager, responsible for marketing, sales and product development, while Fabio Planamente took the position of general manager, a choice that allowed Cantiere del Pardo to increase its turnover to reach this year almost 30 million euros.

This success is mainly due to the decision to enter the market for motor boats, through the new brand of Pardo Yachts engines, as well as the Long Cruise sailboat ranges in 2015 and Custom Line three years later.

Fabio Planamente and Luigi Servidati jointly comment on their resumption of the work on ActuNautique: “We wanted to thank especially, as well as Cantiere del Pardo, the Trevisani family for its efforts to revive the company and for the support shown at the time of the acquisition. The investment and strategic choices made will enable the shipyard to reach new goals and become more and more a benchmark for the sector at the national and international levels. “.

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