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A new ferry between Quillebeuf-sur-Seine and Port-Jérôme

A new ferry between Quillebeuf-sur-Seine and Port-Jérôme

The department of Seine-Maritime announced Wednesday, October 24, 2018 a new ferry for the crossing of the Seine between Quillebeuf-sur-Seine (Eure) and Port-Jerome (Seine-Maritime). This will be the Bac 24. The Seine-Maritime department has just ordered from the shipyard Merré (Loire-Atlantique). Cost of the ship: 6 million euros. A sum financed by the departments of Seine-Maritime and Eure (2.4 million each) and the Normandy region (1.2 million).

Eight water passages

The department of Seine-Maritime has been operating and managing the Bacs de Seine since 2001. They have been free since 2005. The department has ten ferries (seven maritime and three fluvial), seven of which are over 30 years old.

• Quillebeuf-sur-Seine – Port-Jerome (N ° 13)

• Heurteauville – Yainville (N ° 22)

• Jumièges Port (Heurteauville) – Jumièges (N ° 17)

• Yville-sur-Seine – The Mesnil-sous-Jumieges (N ° 16)

• Berville-sur-Seine – Duclair (N ° 23)

• The Bouille – Sahurs (N ° 20)

• Petit-Couronne – Val-de-la-Haye (N ° 15)

• The Grand-Quevilly – Dieppedalle (Canteleu) (N ° 19)

Maritime ferry reserve at Berville-sur-Seine (N ° 14)

Reservation of fluvial bins at Mesnil-sous-Jumièges (N ° 18)

Modernize the fleet

For three years, Seine-Maritime has been studying the renewal of the aging fleet. Operating costs have been ensured for many years by the Seine-Maritime and Eure, the two departments have initiated a reflection to search for avenues of economy (a newer fleet and less greedy fuel).

Quillebeuf Port-Jérôme: 2,000 vehicles a day

It is the crossing Quillebeuf-sur-Seine Port-Jerome that will benefit the first of the modernization. This water passage is widely used: around 2,000 vehicles a day on weekdays (mostly from work) and around 1,650 on Saturdays and Sundays (mainly leisure time). Following a call for tenders launched last spring, the Merré shipyard in Nort-sur-Erdre (Loire-Atlantique) was chosen for the construction of this new ferry (N ° 24). . It will be able to carry 27 light vehicles or two semi-trailers and nine light vehicles. (145 passengers). The construction time is estimated at 17 months and delivery is planned for the first half of 2020.

In the long term, the Seine-Maritime department is planning the construction of two river bins and the construction of maritime jetties for the Duclair and Quillebeuf-sur-Seine waterways.

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