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Bastia: The place of circular economy in port areas

Bastia: The place of circular economy in port areas

This seminar was organized within the framework of the European BlueConnect project “Connecting micro-SMEs to high-potential maritime markets” launched in February 2017. It aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial fabric of small and medium-sized enterprises in the three port activity sectors. : yachting and yachting, logistics, cruises and ferries.

 Several themes were therefore discussed, such as the challenges of the circular economy for port territories and the different port strategies in waste management.


 “The” Blue Connect “project is part of the INTERREG” Italy-France Maritime “program for which the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute-Corse (CCI 2B)” has been particularly active for some years as full partner, or active in working groups for projects mainly carried by the OTC (Office of transport of Corsica) “, as he underlined, in opening, Stefanu Venturini, Vice-president of the CCI 2B, President of the Bastia Commercial Port Commission and Chairman of the Grand Port Project Commission.


 This project, which began in February 2017, will end in the first quarter of 2019. The Mediterranean Sea Pole based in Toulon is organized around 7 French and Italian partners and 5 Mediterranean regions. “The CCI of Bastia and Haute-Corse, through its ports, fully subscribes to this approach and regularly joins groups of reflection and work that address these issues. The idea is to constantly feed on good practices and duplicate them, wherever possible, on its platforms “continues S. Venturini. “The themes that brought us together today – the blue economy, the circular economy, the smart port – are at the center of our concerns. So we will work in the coming months, still under the cross-border cooperation, on the problem of waste and that of noise pollution especially through the programs Impatti no, Decibel, My Acumen and List Port “.


 Among the speakers, Christophe Avellan, deputy director of the Mediterranean Sea Cluster, leader of the Blue Connect project, spoke about the circular economy in the ports of commerce and their territory. Camille Fabre, Regional Director of ADEME Corsica, presented the concept of circular economy and its application in a port territory. Jean-Marc Palazzi, director of the Office for the Environment of Corsica, explained the approach “Clean Ports” in marinas in Corsica.

 Coming from Leghorn, Matteo Bocci, expert in blue economy has developed the concept of blue economy as defined by the European Commission and the role of ports in this economy. He presented the WestMed cooperation project, as well as examples of projects on the development of sustainable maritime activities and the protection of ecosystems in the Mediterranean and in different European regions.

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