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BMKG: Beware the Big Wave Will Happen

BMKG: Beware the Big Wave Will Happen

Mataram, – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said that there would be a big wave from August 1-4 in some Indonesian marine waters.

This happened because there was a high pressure pattern in the waters of Western Australia which triggered an increase in the wind velocity of up to 55 km / hour passing the South Indian Ocean Nusa Tenggara, South Java and West Lampung.

This pressure resulted in an increase in wave height in the Mentawai West Waters to Lampung, the southern Sunda Strait, the waters of southern Java to NTB and is predicted to continue until August 4, 2018.

“Communities and ships carrying out activities on the west coast of Sumatra, south Java, Bali, NTB, NTT, and other regions, especially those listed on the Early Warning list, should consider,” said Central BMKG Initiative, Wilmar Lamhot P. Rajaguguk, Wednesday ( 1/8)

He explained that the height of the wave reaching 1.25-2.50 M (moderate) is likely to occur in the Malacca Strait in the northern part of the east Java Sea in the eastern waters of the Simeulue Island – Mentawai Islands, the northern waters of the Kangean Islands.

Then, the Sunda Strait in the north of the Bali Sea and West Lombok. Also included in the south sape strait and the strait of the western strait of Makassar Strait and the waters of North Kalimantan. Furthermore, the sea of ​​sawu in the north, sea timor south of NTT, the waters of the Sangihe archipelago – the talaud islands.

“The waters south of Flores and Maluku Sea Oceans Strait, the waters of the Tanimbar Archipelago – the Sermatic Islands and the West Halimahera Archipelago,” he said.

What is clear, he continued, the waters of the Kei-Ar islands are the southern waters of the proudi islands. The Arctic Sea of ​​the southern waters of the island is hurry-scary island. Plus the North Natuna Sea, the eastern spooky sea and Amamapre waters, the waters of the Anambas Archipelago, the Natuna Sea, the Banda Sea, are also the Karimata Strait.

Wilmar added that the wave height of 2.50-4.0 M (rough) is also likely to occur in the northern and western waters of Sabang, the southern waters of Sumbawa – the island of Sumba, the island of Sawu Ocean of West India, Aceh – the marine island of Sawu, the southern part of the western waters of the island of Simeulue to Mentawi south of Pulau Roti. Next the southern Sunda strait.

If the wave height of 4.0-6.0 M (very rough) is likely to occur in the southern waters of the Enggano island to the west of Lampung, the waters south of Java to Lombok. Then, the West Indian Ocean of Mentawi Islands – the south of Bali, Lombok and the southern part of the island.

“It does not rule out the possibility of occurring in the southern waters of the Indian Ocean of South Java to NTB for safety advice,” he said.

Therefore, in order to pay attention to the high risks to shipping safety. Fishing Boat (Wind speed of more than 15 knots and wave height above 1.25 M), Barge (Wind speed of more than 16 knots and wave height above 1.5 M), Ferry (Wind speed of more than 21 knots and wave height above 2.5 M).

“Large size ships such as cargo ships / cruise ships (wind speeds of more than 27 knots and wave height above 4.0 m). This must all be considered, “he concluded. (TN-04)

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