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Rimini Yacht, acquitted three financiers. The fourth is prescribed

Rimini Yacht, acquitted three financiers. The fourth is prescribed

Bologna, 24 October 2018 – The Court of Appeal completely reversed the first instance sentence against four financiers, accused of corruption and collusion in the context of the Rimini Yacht investigation, the company of the entrepreneur who fled Libya Giulio Lolli. The financiers, all suspended from their post since 2010, were accused of having tamed a tax audit to the Lolli company with the promise of receiving especially economic gifts.

This morning, after a council chamber of just an hour and a half, the college presided over by Orazio Pescatore has instead acquitted Lieutenant Colonel Enzo Di Giovanni (defended by lawyers Salvatore Tesoriero and Alessandro Gamberini) and Marshal Luigi Giannetti (lawyer Luciano Bertoluzza ) and Felice Curcio (lawyer Marcus Wiget), sentenced in the first degree to 4 years the first and third years the last two. All three had renounced the prescription, while for the lieutenant Colonel Massimiliano Parpiglia (lawyer Nicola Mazzacuva), sentenced in first instance to 5 years, the offense was extinguished by statute of limitations. The attorney general had asked for confirmation of the sentence of first instance.

Confirmed, instead, the three years for bankruptcy to the accountant Giorgio Baruffa. For the financiers, the judges have ordered the sending of the documents to the military prosecution, recognizing the incompetence of the Court of Appeal to judge on the crime of collusion.

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