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Rimini Yacht appeals: the four soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza are acquitted

Rimini Yacht appeals: the four soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza are acquitted

The sentence of first instance against the four financiers and the accountant involved in the scandal of the Rimini Yacht, the luxury boat sales company chaired by Giulio Lolli, is almost entirely reversed on appeal. Lieutenant Colonel Enzo Digiovanni and Marshals Luigi Giannetti and Felice Curcio have indeed been acquitted for not having committed the fact from the accusation of corruption, while Lieutenant Colonel Massimiliano Parpiglia, in turn accused of corruption, was acquitted due to an expiry of the statute of limitations. The four were convicted at first instance, in December 2015, for corruption and collusion for agreeing, between the autumn of 2008 and the spring of 2009, to ‘soften’ a tax audit against the company in exchange for a sum between 200,000 and 300,000 euros, then receiving at least 100,000, in addition to dinners in luxury rooms and a € 7,300 Cartier watch, found in the possession of Parpiglia. In detail, the latter had been sentenced to five years in prison and the accessory sentence of interdiction from public offices for five years, while for Digiovanni the sentence was four years plus five years of interdiction from public offices, and for Giannetti and Curcio of three years. The Bologna staff, Paolo Giovagnoli, had asked the college presided over by judge Orazio Pescatore to confirm the convictions of the first degree on appeal, but the judges decided otherwise. The acquittals, however, concern only the accusation of corruption, given that for the collusion (military offense provided only for members of the Guardia di Finanza) the college has declared incompetent to judge, arranging “the transmission of documents to the Military Prosecutor at the Court of Verona “.

The only defendant who has been confirmed to appeal the first instance sentence is the accountant Giorgio Baruffa, who had been acquitted by the charge of corruption but sentenced to three years and six months for bankruptcy. Baruffa will also have to pay € 2,000 in legal costs. Lolli, long since fugitive in Libya, had instead immediately left the trial by filing a sentence of four years and four months. The number one of Rimini Yacht had sent a letter to the judges in which he admitted he had paid the former general of the yellow Fiamme Angelo Cardile, then committed suicide during a house search, which he said was an intermediary with the other financiers. Now all that remains is to await the reasons for the sentence, which should be filed within 90 days.

 (Agency Dire)

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