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Facebook viral: Bride makes love gesture in the sea and almost drowned because of her dress | Honduras | Mexico | Fb

Facebook viral: Bride makes love gesture in the sea and almost drowned because of her dress | Honduras | Mexico | Fb

A newly married bride almost widowed the groom before the honeymoon. Those who find the perfect day and place for their wedding always seek to be original with the small details of the most important day of their lives. So it was that a girlfriend, in Honduras, wanted to surprise her husband and threw herself with all the dress to the sea. The result was that she almost suffered an accident and drowned. In this video uploaded to Facebook we can see the scene that soon became viral among users.

Would you dare to make a gesture of love like in this Facebook video? The followers of the social networks that saw the viral clip go from laughing to scare when finishing the whole material. The one that was meant to be a beautiful moment almost ended in tragedy.

The gestures of love are a symbolism that the couple always seeks to give the day of the wedding. Some parachute to the altar, others dedicate a song to be loved before giving yes, and there is also this girlfriend of Facebook, who wanted to show their feelings by throwing themselves into the sea.

So far, in the thousands of comments of the viral video, users have not been able to discover the intention that the bride had on her wedding day. The only conclusion that has been reached on Facebook is that almost no one would repeat this act of love at the cost of risking their own lives.

It happened in Honduras and users in Mexico turned it viral without delay. These two boyfriends agreed that their marriage would be in front of the spectacular view of the sea. For this reason, they gathered their family and friends on yachts and departed offshore.

Facing the crystalline waters of the Caribbean, the couple-finally-swore love for life. What surprised came after the “yes”. The boyfriend did not care about the suit he was wearing and threw himself into the sea, it can be seen in the viral video of Facebook.

The bride, then, was invited to perform the same action, a “gesture of love” that sealed the pact they had signed at their wedding. From here, one of the friends who was invited to the wedding began to record with his cell phone and then post it on Facebook.

In the first images of the viral clip the bride appears aboard a yacht and about to jump into the water. “What madness,” says the person filming the audiovisual material. Seconds later, the woman decides and throws herself without waiting for the sea.

As soon as the water touches, the groom’s face changes completely. He immediately realizes that his now wife has got stuck with his own dress and that if he does not act immediately she will end up drowning. Nothing with one hand and with the other begins to remove the dress that has covered up to his head.

“Oh my god,” says someone close to the cell phone that records the Facebook video. Everyone present is already aware of what is happening. The simple incident is turning into tragedy and the seconds that pass are against the life of the bride.

One of the girlfriend’s girlfriends throws herself in the water to help them, but in her haste she seems to drown herself in despair. Until two lifeguards appear from the yacht to intervene in the scene and be able to remove the dress from the bride’s head.

Facebook’s viral video has generated multiple reactions among users. Some label the gesture of love as a madness that could cost dearly, while others simply described the boyfriends as irresponsible for risking their lives in this way.

The video was uploaded to Facebook 4 months ago and went viral with 8.3 million views, 15 thousand reactions and 10 thousand shared among followers of the famous social network.

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