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Énora Malagré is running smoothly in Mauritius, but not only … (PHOTOS)

Énora Malagré is running smoothly in Mauritius, but not only … (PHOTOS)

For a week, Enora Malagré has had a good time in Mauritius, enjoying the sea and the sun as she shows on Instagram, but perhaps with other plans than to get a tan.

Far from the gray of the capital, Énora Malagré, which owes its notoriety to its role as a columnist between 2010 and 2017 in Touch not at my post! on C8, has been running smoothly in Mauritius for a week … Between kitesurf, catamaran and daydreams on the white sand beaches, the one that now accompanies Stéphane Bern on France 2 in Kissing Europe shares his discoveries of the Island on his account Instagram, mixing it seems useful to pleasant to believe the different videos and photos she put on her page, which suggest that she would work on a new project. At 38, she did not say her last word!

⋙ Enora Malagré back on the air … on France 2!

TV side, the future of the columnist is still pending since officially nothing is yet recorded as for the continuation next season of Good kisses of Europe, the magazine of reports presented since the return by Stéphane Bern. Indeed, the program attracts an average of 400 000 viewers and has already been threatened with a stop at the beginning of the year. Finally maintained, the question is now whether France 2 will make the choice to renew next year, while it is reviewing its entire program schedule and has already sacrificed several programs.

⋙ Patrick Sébastien bids farewell to France 2: Arthur and Enora Malagré pay tribute to the ousted host

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