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Reverse Boat Boats at Ciujung, Two Passengers Reported Drifting

Reverse Boat Boats at Ciujung, Two Passengers Reported Drifting

SERANG, (PR) .- An inverted eretan boat in the Ciujung River, Serang Regency, Tuesday, January 22, 2019, around 06.30 WIB. The location of the reversal of the boat is between Kampung Turun Balas, Katulisan Village, Cikeusal District and Saninten Village, Malabar Village, Bandung District, Serang Regency.

As a result of the incident, dozens of two-wheeled vehicles and two passengers drifted away. The authorities are currently reported to be conducting a search. “KB” monitoring at the site, it appeared that the search team consisting of Serang BPBD, Basarnas, Polsek and Koramil and local residents were searching.

The search was quite difficult because the river flow was quite heavy due to the intensity of the high overnight rain. While some survivors have been taken to the local health center.

The Bantar Panjang Village Community Center, Cikeusal District Suradi said that the incident occurred at around 6:30 a.m. WIB. Earlier at around 6:00 a.m., the boat had already crossed the first cargo and survived.

“After the first crossing survived, but the second one was right near the edge when it hit a strong current. The boat immediately turned upside down,” Suradi told on location.


Based on information, he said, in the boat there were 15-17 vehicles. Whereas the number of passengers is unknown. “He said that the passengers had survived all, but there were two men who had not yet met. Maybe if the girl bounced on the brunt of the water,” he said.

Another resident, Dadi Suwardi, admitted that he had time to cross the first tug around 6:00 a.m. “Thank God, I survived the first cross,” he said.

Dadi said, when he crossed the water in the crossing substation it still had not overflowed. But the current was very heavy. He suspected, the boat was reversed because of overload. Because when he crossed, the passenger was limited to only 10 motorbikes.

“Well, the second time there were 16-17 motorbikes. In the middle of the boat there was a lot of rubbish and it was turned upside down,” he said. (Dindin Hasanudin) ***

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