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“Le Manta”, at sea, in 2023

“Le Manta”, at sea, in 2023

There is a project – “The Sea Cleaners” – promoted by a skipper – Yvan Bourgnon – a Swiss navigator who loves the environment, the sea and its inhabitants, which is arousing interest and participation.

Interest because, after the presentation of the project at the Geneva Inventions Exhibition in 2018, “Le Manta” – the catamaran that will disinfect the seas from plastic – has become the prototype of an action that will culminate with the launch, in 2023, of the first catamaran with pyrolysis system on board, this will allow to collect the plastic from the sea, treat it and compact it in cubes (600 of a cubic meter for a total of 250 tons of waste) able then to produce fuel that will be distributed, free, to the peoples of the poorest countries.

Participation because, beyond the promoters and engineers involved in the construction of the catamaran, the project aims to involve the population of the planet in an awareness and collective responsibility. The first signs, in this sense, are not lacking. On the one hand, there are 10 million euros raised to support the project, on the other, the hundreds of questions that came to RSInews after NouvoRSI published this video on April 18:

We have chosen some of the most frequently asked questions and turned them to Yvan Bourgnon. The answers can be found in the opening video. Thanks, everyone, for your cooperation.


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