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World Cup, Near – Lodo infallible couple, in the semifinals in the two without

World Cup, Near – Lodo infallible couple, in the semifinals in the two without

Il Faro on line – At the end of the fourth day of qualifying the path of the Italian fleet continues, which of the 24 initial crews – there were 25 and one was withdrawn – loses only the senior double of Venier and Infimo, who with the sixth place in the fourth of final they stop and they will face only the consolation finals from the thirteenth place down.

As for today’s races, the repetition of Giuseppe Vicino and Matteo Lodo’s quarter-finals without the senior was to be underlined, because the Polish crew had broken an oar after hitting a half of the jury that had broken down on the race course. The Azzurri won their race by battling with Canada and Romania until the end and the appeal to the Jury, presented by these three nations, was worth nothing, which decided to have the match repeated today at the end of the program and move the semi-final to Friday 30 August to give the athletes an extra day of recovery. For the record, the recovery of the fourth saw Italy win again the first place, maintained from the first to the last shot, with Romania this time second to the detriment of Canada.

Before getting into the specifics of the other races today, Italy’s journey can be summarized as follows: 9 Olympic boats are in the semifinals (single, two without, four without, four of senior couple men, double lightweights male and female ; two without, double and four without a female senior); 3 Paralympic boats in the semifinals (single male and female PR1, four with PR3Mix); in non-Olympic boats the single male and female lightweights are in the semifinals, while 4 boats are in the final (two without lightweights for men and women, four for men and women lightweights); in the final also 3 non-Paralympic boats (single male PR2, two without female PR3, double PR3Mix). The senior female couple and the male eight have yet to compete for access to the next round.

Returning to today’s races, after having dealt with the two without, he overcame the quarter-finals with the first place arriving in the semifinals also the men’s light-weight double, Pietro Willy Ruta and Stefano Oppo, ahead of Norway and New Zealand and, for 19 cents, marks the best time on Germany first in another quarter-final. With the third place in the quarter also the single male senior of Simone Martini, the two without the senior female of Aisha Rocek and Kiri Tontodonati and the female double of Federica Cesarini and Valentina Rodini. Victory, and best time of the quarter-finals, of the single men’s lightweights – this last non-Olympic boat – also for Martino Goretti, first with detachment on USA and Turkey.

In recoveries, a nice victory for the double senior female Stefania Gobbi and Stefania Buttignon, holders of the European bronze of the specialty, who in comeback overcome the Czech Republic winning the semifinal, while with the second place also Anila Hoxha, in the single female PR1, advance and Fabrizio Caselli in the same male specialty (both Paralympic specialties). Among the non-Paralympic specialties, victory in the recovery of Daniele Stefanoni, in the final in the men’s single PR2.

Tomorrow will start at 9.30am, with the fifth day of races in Linz dedicated to the last recoveries and the first semi-finals, valid in the Olympic specialties for the assignment of the first passes for Tokyo 2020.

Photo: Mimmo Perna

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