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Historical Regatta in Venice, traffic regulations

Historical Regatta in Venice, traffic regulations

VENICE. The Historical Regatta of Venice is certainly a singular event for the uniqueness of its location and for the taste of ancient history handed down to each edition. But to approach this show believing it is only a commemoration and a mere revisitation of a past time would be the crassest mistake a visitor can make.

The Historical Regatta remains in fact the maximum moment of the rowing season which in these parts still punctuates the seasons, and together with the Regents of the Redeemer and of Burano and others that are held during the year, goes to form the calendar of a purely activity lagoon. For the 2019 Historical Regatta, scheduled in Venice next Sunday, the Municipality has issued an ordinance on pedestrian traffic which, among other things, in the event of over-attendance involves the introduction of pedestrian one-way streets. From 1.30 pm, and until ceased needs, in the event of an influx of people that could compromise the safety and fluidity of pedestrian traffic, the local police will be able to hijack pedestrian traffic and organize it through the establishment of one-way streets. It may also prohibit access to certain areas where the presence of spectators could create a danger to public safety and temporarily close the side stairways of the Rialto Bridge and the Accademia Bridge. If necessary to protect public safety, the local Police may also order the suspension, even partial, of public land occupations or their temporary displacement. The Historical Regatta recalls the procession of boats that in 1489 greeted the Queen of Cyprus Caterina Cornaro, thanking her for having given her kingdom to Venice, for this reason they are all dressed in costumes with a display of beautiful boats of various kinds, where at the head of all there is the characteristic Bucintoro, the representative boat of the Serenissima. The other boats participating in the Regatta are the gondolino, the caorlina, the mascareta, the pupparin and the traditional gondola.

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