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In Antibes, the return of the mega-yachts on the quai des Milliardaires

In Antibes, the return of the mega-yachts on the quai des Milliardaires

Antibois like to photograph them to display them on social networks. Mega yachts feed Instagram and Facebook content every summer. And always catch the eye of vacationers who wander around Port Vauban.

It must be said that some do not go unnoticed as the Dilbar, owned by the Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov. The fourth longest yacht in the world (156 meters) imposes its silhouette several months a year on the main square of the wharf.

In recent days, the Katara, estimated at 300 million dollars (124.40 meters), has taken its place. Owned by the former Emir of Qatar, Hamad ben Khalifa Al Thani, he owns luxury yachts in his finery: a rear deck jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a gym, a spa and an area for receive a helicopter.

Beside it, some other yachts are currently docked, including the Sarafsa (estimated at $ 150 million) property of the Saudi royal family. If they had a little “shunned” the wharf Billionaires in recent years – including those belonging to the Russian clientele – the most beautiful boats in the world finally come back.

2500 € to occupy a place the day

After taking over the management of the maritime site, Vauban 21 had to conduct a vast campaign of seduction with the owners of yachts to encourage them to (re) come to Antibes. An operation that seems to have worked since the last two months, the occupancy rate of the quay Camille-Rayon was very important (94.3%).

“Our customers come here to seek tranquility, often to winter their yacht or refuel them,” says the director Jean-Marc Bérard who remains very discreet when it comes to approach the owners and the invited peoples. “They are rarely on board their mega-yacht, it’s the crew that stays there and we listen to them to give them the benefits they expect.”

According to the famous restaurant owner, Mamo du Michelangelo rue des Cordiers who receives the entire planet people, many artists “are on board private yachts”. But most of them choose to anchor off Antibes, or in the bay of Juan-les-Pins. This is the case for example of the eclipse (163 meters long) owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who occupies the panorama of the bay, unable to return to port.

“In high season, to occupy one of the 22 places of the dock, it is 2,500 euros a day on average depending on the size of the boat.” An important market for the city of the Remparts, proud to play chic stopovers.

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