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Red Regatta: 52 sailing boats during the Historical Regatta

Red Regatta: 52 sailing boats during the Historical Regatta

On Sunday 1st September, between the Giudecca Canal and the San Marco Basin, from 12 to 17, will take place Red Regatta, a performance on the water of 52 boats with “third” sails in as many shades of red.

Red Regatta

Red Regatta is a site-specific public art project by the artist Melissa McGill that foresees an unprecedented series of spectacular performances on the water, made with 52 traditional boats armed with “third party” sails, that sailing in unison in the Venetian canals they will create a moving choreography. Each boat will be equipped with custom-made sails and hand-painted in 52 different shades of red, specially developed by the artist.

The work unites Venetians and visitors to celebrate the millennial culture and maritime history of Venice and its lagoon, calling attention to climate change which threatens the future. Red Regatta, in collaboration with the Municipality of Venice and Vela al Terzo Venezia Association and co-organized with Magazzino Italian Art Foundation, counts on the participation of 250 Venetian partners.

Designed by McGill, it is curated by Chiara Spangaro, with project manager Marcella Ferrari, and is the first work of art registered as Clean Regatta, the Sailors for the Sea program that mobilizes navigators to protect seas and oceans through education and activism.

“Red Regatta encourages new attention to the interaction of the forces that define Venice – water, wind, art and architecture – that continue to inspire and challenge its inhabitants”, says the artist, “While the sails will slip into the lagoon at unison, the different reds will mix visually, joining and merging. In contrast with sky and water, the reds refer to the forces of life and passion, of alarm and urgency, and to Venice itself – from its bricks and terracotta roofs, to its flag, from the history of the trade in red pigment to the paintings of Titian, Tintoretto and other Venetian masters “.

What you need to know about the 2019 Historical Regatta

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