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Trophy of multihulls. “A’Capella”: the apprentice embarks with his boss

Trophy of multihulls. “A’Capella”: the apprentice embarks with his boss

The same passion of the boat unites the skipper and skipper Charlie Capelle and his apprentice Paulin Nicol.

It has become a tradition for the skipper Charlie Capelle, who also heads the marine technology shipyard, Saint-Philibert: on his trimaran, he embarks for the racing season apprentices he trains. Paulin Nicol knows how to appreciate the approach.

With each return of the regatta, the skipper Charlie Capelle rinses with fresh water the deck of his trimaran “A’Capella” just moored to the pontoon. Like a ritual he would not give to anyone else. And yet, every day during this Trophy multihulls, it has on board several team members among which one is almost figure of “moussaillon”. At 20, Paulin Nicol only displays a few hundred hours of sailing. This young resident of Riantec is there to learn because, when he is not on the water, he is above all an apprentice within the shipyard that runs his skipper.

“It is a tradition for me to offer boarding for the whole of the racing season to each of my apprentices because in my opinion it is part of their training,” says the navigator and founding director of the company Marine Technology, located in Saint-Philibert. “It was when I started working, as part of my sandwich course, that I discovered that Charlie was proposing to navigate with him. It’s an incredible chance that I like because I’m not sure that all the bosses can and want to do it, “smiles Paulin Nicol, 20 years old.

Tight links at work

“I learned a lot from him. He knows how to transmit his knowledge to me in all simplicity and especially with confidence. He lets me do it, even if I’m wrong. It’s a way to progress, “says the apprentice. However, while the familiarity is often established very quickly in the maritime world, here the need for formality remains for the apprentice to his trainer. “It’s a form of respect for me. It’s only during hot moments, during delicate maneuvers where I have to react quickly, that I get to know him, “says Paulin. “When you share so many strong moments on the water, it obviously tightens the bonds to the work, to the point of making me available on my spare time to help Charlie. Because I enjoyed it with him, participating in races like the Spi, Armen Race or La Trinité-Cowes, with several victories at the end.

The adventure nevertheless comes to an end, unless it is only a temporary stop: in the coming days, Paulin Nicol will finish his training to move towards an engineering school. He will have to leave La Trinité, Charlie Capelle and “A’Capella”. Not without regret. “I came here to learn how to build boats, and now I’m going to learn how to design them, which is another complementary job.”

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