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A meeting on the water …

A meeting on the water …

It is possible to hold a meeting or corporate event on the water. The riverboats, ship more than a century, a converted ferry and luxurious catamaran are all options.

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Bateau-Mouche Montreal

Bateau-Mouche Montreal offers the opportunity to hold a meeting or corporate event on the water, for groups from 20 to 184 people. Rental from riverboat in part or in full, in the morning, afternoon or evening. We can work alongside or enjoy cruises by day or night. All inclusive. gourmet cruise traveling to the Boucherville islands with spectacular evening on the Jacques Cartier Bridge and downtown Montreal. Departures take place at Jacques-Cartier Quay in the Old Port of Montreal, near the Science Center. From mid-May to late October.

Aboard the Louis Jolliet

PHOTO PROVIDED BY CRUISE AML AML Cruises offers business customers the opportunity to rent one of the three (or all three) of the Louis Jolliet bearings.

Among the most important cruise excursion company in Canada, AML Cruises offers business customers the opportunity to rent one of the three (or all three) of the Louis Jolliet bearings. This former ferry from 1938 to retro manners can receive from 30 to 700 passengers. Gourmet restaurant with two kitchens. Many options for holding meetings or corporate events. Cruising or dockside. audio-video equipment, bar, dance floor, outdoor terrace, etc. Accessible from mid-May until the first weekend in December. Chouinard Departure wharf on the Champlain Boulevard, near the Lévis ferry Quebec. AML offers other corporate cruises elsewhere in Quebec.

On the Saguenay River

PHOTO COURTESY SHUTTLE FJORD La Marjolaine welcomes up to 200 people.

Hold a meeting on the Saguenay River and visit the majestic fjord, it’s possible. The Fjord Maritime Shuttles put two boats available to business customers, from mid-June to early October. La Marjolaine (a three-bridge built in 1904) up to 200 people. Le Fjord Saguenay II is itself a riverboat 90 passengers. No kitchen but a small bar. “It’s like renting a large empty room. One team (furniture, audio-video, etc.) as the customer desires, “says a company official. Departure from Chicoutimi and La Baie. To access the fjord, from Sainte-Rose-du-Nord.

Luxury on the water


Treat yourself to a luxurious experience aboard the Grand Cru, a top catamaran range of 176 seats which crosses the waters of Lake Memphremagog, near Sherbrooke. This is actually a floating restaurant built it 10 years ago. We can charter it anytime from mid-May to the last weekend of October. Private room for 28 people with giant screen. Choice of cruises about three hours for brunch, lunch or dinner. We go to the abbey of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac where we make a short visit to Georgeville. Departures at MacPherson dock in the Bay of Magog.

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