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Arson on the yacht Maitre Gims

Arson on the yacht Maitre Gims

You’ve probably already learned on social networks, Maitre Gims suffered a big tragedy: his yacht caught fire. But how such a thing could happen? For now, nothing is certain, but the singer think this fire was not due to a simple accident. He trusted reporters of the show “Big Mouths”. Find out more about this dark history.

The story around the fire yacht Maitre Gims

Above all, rest assured, Maitre Gims is safe. Fire yacht Maitre Gims, did not hurt, but he still lost all his possessions. This terrible event took place there just a few days. The artist said in a statement in tribute to deceased Ivorian singer, DJ Arafat. Maitre Gims therefore explains that he can not attend, nor vigils, nor the funeral held in Ivory Coast DJ Arafat. The fire of the yacht in Corsica took away his belongings and his ID. It was only several days later that Maitre Gims returns to the drama, and gives its opinion on the show “The Big Mouths”. It was Wednesday, September 4 past, and it was received by journalists Alain Marschall and Olivier Truchot. In their broadcast on RMC Story, the singer says so viewers that according to him, the fire in his yacht may have been voluntary. He explains that he landed a lot of questions after the event. He even thought that people might have wanted to trap him. But until then, the light has not been shed on this fire.

The declaration of Maitre Gims about the fire on his yacht

Maitre Gims wanted to confide everything to the audience, with the information he had on the fire of his yacht. So, always facing Alain Marschall and Olivier Truchot, he declares to have no precise information yet as to the cause of the fire yacht Maitre Gims. He said that everything was perfectly fine, and it was apparently a day like any other. According to him, the sky was blue, the water was turquoise and everything was beautiful. They bathed all, and after they climbed back on the boat. So shortly after taking over the road, they smelled of burnt inside the boat. While the occupants and himself began to look for the origin of the smell. That’s when they saw the black smoke billowing from the stern. Maitre Gims said, “the captain’s eyes were red and he shouted mayday, mayday.” For the artist it was unlikely since these are words he had never heard true, only in the movies. Everything was burned, even life jackets. Fortunately, there was a boat not far away, who advised them to jump in the water and move away from the yacht before it exploded. Thus Maitre Gims and other passengers were able to escape unharmed despite the fire. We look forward to more information about the causes of this tragedy.

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