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Capri, millionaire theft: stolen jewels 2 million to vip marriage between two Asian star

Capri, millionaire theft: stolen jewels 2 million to vip marriage between two Asian star

Great and big Chinese wedding with Supervip clans converged on Capri by private jet. How he could miss the yellow? Two and a half million dollars in jewelry that evaporate during the festivities, highly confidential and extremely luxurious, the caprese marriage of two stars of Chinese cinema, Jacky Heung (ie The Warlords) and Bea Hayden, celebrities Taiwan. Stuff or stolen it, the beauty case of the best friend of the bride – needless to say she too supermodel cry in the former empire of the dragon – is the focus of a story that seems to recall “Hunt Hitchcock thief” with which it shares the unique scenery and mysterious figures moving in the background. But here the protagonist of the mystery is not a beautiful Grace Kelly but a young Chinese city of Hong Kong, with an American passport, which had come to Capri to attend as VIP guest at the wedding. Foreign never imagined that his vacation ended yesterday afternoon at the headquarters of the Capri police station to report that he has suffered a theft of jewels worth two million and a half dollars. Precious who had traveled with her to Capri and have volatizzati in a late summer night.

Passengers VIP wrong ship, the ferry to Capri back: anger board

Mysteriously disappeared between Capri and Naples despite the woman was escorted by employees to organizations since his arrival in Naples. The day before yesterday evening, the foreign landed a private plane at Capodichino airport where he was waiting for a luxury car rented by the organization supervised by the bride’s mother, Bea. A speedboat brought to Capri. Young said he was carrying his luggage and cosmetic bag with her jewelry: about ten rare pieces for two and a half million dollars. After more than forty minutes by boat from Naples to Capri the speedboat landed at the docks of the marina of Capri and on the pier young said he delivered the luggage to the staff. It is not clear if the precious beauty may have gone astray in the way. Once in Capri, now freed of luggage, she went to the foreign “Da Paolino”, the elegant orangery in the green of Palazzo a Mare where he was expected by the other guests invited to the wedding. But the theft, if it is stolen it came, would be completed the following evening, during the party at the luxurious Riccio, beach close to the club of the cave where the two stars were said yes in a ceremony that – however – will be repeated in Taipei .

It is after this dinner, in fact, that the woman with the other guests, forty in all, is back on board the Saluzi. A vessel 70 meters long chartered for the occasion and which was moored in the Marina Grande bay. A real luxury sea Spa hotels, outdoor cinema, sixteen suites ready to accommodate 40 guests and as many crew. A yacht almost always at anchor in the bay of Marina Piccola and Marina Grande, easily recognizable by two colorful and huge graffiti. It was the dawn of a night of dancing and Chinese top she found that her jewelry had disappeared.

The woman immediately began the search, over-load. Accompanied by a friend who lives in Paris she too Chinese to Capri for weddings and an interpreter was made to the police who also turned upside down, making use of a specialized unit, the valuable yacht. Nothing was found. The continuous yellow.

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