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George and Mattia Martini Neptune Yacht Club won the Cup in 2019 Asteria

George and Mattia Martini Neptune Yacht Club won the Cup in 2019 Asteria

George and Mattia Martini, Owner and helmsman of Pili Pili, clothes Neptune Social Colors Yacht Club, Asteria win the Cup in 2019, the historical offshore race organized by the Sailing Club of Rome. George and Matthias together with the crew formed by Giacomo Pingelli and Fernando Renzoni led a perfect race without ever giving up, until the finish line, facing the beautiful Gulf of Nettuno and Anzio, where he managed to prevail for 41 seconds on rival after 116 miles (Anzio-Ponza-Ponza-Ventotene) dealing with boats and crews performing. Inevitable the intervention of the Director Sportivodel Neptune Yacht Club, Valerio Taveri, which expresses the winners heartfelt thanks on behalf of all the sailing club ‘Nettunese’ for the legendary achievement.

 The DS, takes this opportunity to thank the Marina di Nettuno and its current President, Ugo Lori, for renewed confidence, as expressed by his predecessor Bruno Manciocchi, and have actually continued to support the sporting development of NYC, indispensable conditions that enabled the achievement of sports such fundamental objectives. It is a must, he adds, the DS, to extend my sincere gratitude to the President CVAT represented by Amico and Andrea Sanzone with which an indissoluble twinning was born, with which they were co-organized all the events calendar FIV and the Circle Neptune Rowing Club for logistical cooperation and its President Joseph Mass. They can not be forgotten Sponsors: Evolution Italy, Giorgio Scarpa, Le Vele, Pili Pili, made the difference. Margutta that fruit! The Historical Circle Sponsors who helped win important trophies in both National and International field. The 1000 Tires, always present. The Agroama with ‘Life Soup’ star of the National F18 Catamarans beautiful.

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