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Curtiss Motors and its electric motorcycle, yacht Nadal, an LNG cruise ship … The 5 pictures of the week

Curtiss Motors and its electric motorcycle, yacht Nadal, an LNG cruise ship … The 5 pictures of the week

The first radar “hunter decibel” landed on French roads

Installed and tested in Saint-Forget in Yvelines radar “Medusa” aims to evaluate the decibel level on the roads in the fight against noise pollution whose inhabitants of this municipality complain. A partnership between Bruitparif association and local elected officials, it could become in the future a penalty radar, under the direction of mobility of Law.

Meyer Turku launched the construction of a second LNG ship for Costa Cruises

The shipyard of the company Meyer Turku, Finland situated just welcomed the construction of a second Costa Cruises ship. His particuliarity ? It carbide LNG (liquefied natural gas).

Tesla present Megapack, a giant battery for powering the electrical network

Elon Musk and Tesla company proposed a new energy storage solution: Megapack. This huge battery is designed to support electricity networks.

The new yacht Rafael Nadal signed Sunreef

With 24 meters long and a transport capacity of twelve people, the new yacht Sunreef wants to be the companion of the richest looking for long walks on the sea. And the ship already has its first fan. The tennis champion Rafael Nadal announced ordering a copy.

With his Psyche, Curtiss Motors Harley-Davidson wants to double the segment of electric motorcycles

Adept electric motorcycles with names of Greek gods and futuristic designs, the American manufacturer Curtiss Motors directly addresses at heavyweight Harley-Davidson. Dubbed Psyche, the new model will compete with the Livewire the American giant, with a similar rate of $ 30,000 (about € 27,000).

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