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REPLAY – The Battle of couples: Ines humiliated in public by Osama (Episode 25) – The Battle of Couples

REPLAY – The Battle of couples: Ines humiliated in public by Osama (Episode 25) – The Battle of Couples

by | Written for the TF1 27/09/19 at 17:20, updated September 25, 2019 at 12:43 | See the site of the Battle of Couples

Back on the highlights of “Battle of the couples 2” Episode 25, airing this Friday, September 27, 2019 on TFX.

Around the table of power, the immunized couples are not able to agree on the couple to nominate this week. So they cast lots and the time to know the verdict rang. This is Melanie / Vincent who have the chance to nominate the pair of their choice and it is no surprise Osama and Ines.

Afternoon catamaran for a privileged few couples. While some suffer seasickness, they are happy to get away for a moment. Icing on the cake: the encounter with dolphins! At the villa, tensions around the supposed hypocrisy of some candidates continues to be the focus of discussions. Wafa tries a bluff with Ines. It claims that it intends to eliminate it from the beginning. Ines confirms that it has been expected but, to date, this is not the case. But it was enough to light the fuse. For their part, Julia and Bastien boycotting their alliance in which they no longer feel at ease.

Place the ceremony. Osama “kidding” wounding openly Ines. “I’m disappointed because it’s supposed to be an unfailing support. I’m hurt, “says the young woman. For many, Osama exceeded limits disrespecting his girlfriend. “A real blackguard,” Wafa balance. “I is full,” he said with difficulty Ines. There is nothing to do, Osama does not apologize … “I will not finish the ceremony and I’ll go,” Ines balance. “Because I can not take it.” She will go after his decision? Answer in the next episode.

The Battle of Couples – Monday to Friday at 18:25 on TFX and follow all the news of your favorite programs on MYTF1

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