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The great feast of Sails Historical Viareggio’s Versilia celebrates the 15th gathering of vintage boats

The great feast of Sails Historical Viareggio’s Versilia celebrates the 15th gathering of vintage boats

From 17 to 20 October the sails Historic Viareggio and the Club Nautico Versilia Tuscan city celebrating at the milestone of the 15th annual rally-racing. The event, organized in collaboration between the two associations, will host participants in the prestigious head office, its reception facilities and vessels in prospicenti docks. Expected arrival of more than 50 vintage and classic boats, conducting three races (from Friday to Sunday), the big dinner crews on Saturday evening at the shipyard Del Carlo, an exhibition of scale models of boats d ‘era (every owner was invited to exhibit their own), the exhibition of the painter Emanuela Tenti watercolorist and photographer Marco Trainotti, visits to restoration sites. The sponsors of Mediterranean Yacht Maintenance Antonio Farigu, specializing in assistance, maintenance and overhaul of marine engines throughout the Mediterranean, the Del Carlo shipyard in Viareggio, masters in the restoration of vintage boats, Azimut Wealth Management, Luxury Charter Portofino, Picchiani & Barlacchi, Europromo, Manufacture 4 EFFE, Tera, Frisbi Energy, Navigo, Vitasnella Cellars, Castles Grevepesa suppliers of water and wine for dinner, Rose Barni, Consorzio del Prosciutto Toscano Pasta Canestrello Masseria, New Coffee York, Mikila, Yacht Broker, Perini Navi, Ship point, Formulamare, Bertacca, Marine Store. The fifteenth meeting Sails Historical Viareggio is sponsored by FIV, the Italian Sailing Federation, and AIVE, the Italian Association Vele d’Epoca responsible for the calibration of the boats and the charts for those who chose to race with the CIM measurement certificate.

Given the availability of moorings in the dock, the registrations received after October 4 will be accepted with reserve and with a surcharge of 50 € per boat.


The gathering will be attended by some boats of the class 5:50 Meters S.I. (International Rule), which will compete on a race course reserved for them. This former Olympic class for five editions, consisting of 9.50 meters long boats conducted by three members of the crew in 2019 celebrated 70 years since it was established. It is estimated that since 1949 in the world have been built around 800 hulls, today divided into the categories Classics, Evolution and Modern. The current president of the Italian class is the Roman Cavazza Fabrizio Conte, the owner of 1960 Volpina.


As in past editions, the rally is dedicated to a boat association and this year it is the turn of Tirrenia II of 1914, the ketch auric English long 18,54 meters officially returned to sea on June 8th after a restoration that lasted about 3 years made by the shipyard Del Carlo. For it is also associated with a trophy, awarded annually until 1939, in that boat that he had taken the longest cruise in the Mediterranean. After 80 years, the Cup will be reassigned to the boat that this year has performed and documented the most interesting offshore navigation, enhancing the appearance cruise regardless of the miles flown. For the purposes

allocation, a special commission will review the documentation produced by each boat about routes, stops and distances covered in the sea during the pre-rally Sails Historical Viareggio.


Following a collaboration established between the Port of Pisa and Viareggio Historical Association Vele, 14 to 27 October 2019 for participating boats at the fifteenth meeting the mooring at the Port of Pisa has a daily cost of 15 € (boats up to 12 mt.), 20 € (from 13 to 18 mt.) and 30 € (in excess of 18 mt.). For members of the Association Vele Historic Viareggio the Port of Pisa will apply a 30% discount on transit and 10% on seasonal and annual contracts. For more information please contact the Directorate: – ​​Tel. +39 050-36142


Anyone who does not participate with their vintage boat (launched prior to 1950), and Classic (launched between 1950 and 1975), historical or traditional lines (launched after 1975) may seek to embark on some of the boats made available to follow the regattas. These sailing ships Pandora, Nellie, ketch Armelea and the classic motoryacht Ramona. Forward the request directly to the association’s website by logging on to link.


The parallel events organized on the occasion of the fifteenth Meeting Sails Historical Viareggio also an exhibition devoted to America, the iconic schooner that in 1851 gave its name to the oldest sporting trophy, the America’s Cup sailing. The original hull, built by the shipyard William H. Brown of Manhattan, was destroyed in the early forties. Today, however, the replica of the most famous gaff schooner in the world, launched in the US in 1967, it is in its restoration in Viareggio. This faithful reproduction, about 40 meters long and made of Oregon pine and oak, will soon return to sail evoking legendary pages of the history of the sport. On the occasion of the meeting will be presented the tender of America, also built of wood in 1967, that work is completed will return aboard the schooner.

Source: Press Office

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