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A young Marseille wins a catamaran 300,000 €

A young Marseille wins a catamaran 300,000 €

Alex Boronat, a Marseille sailor 33, lives a fairy tale. He is coming off a catamaran of 11 meters, with a 300 000 € value. The first in a series created by the Béneteau group, which launches its range Excess. A marketing operation that is good for this young sea bass, well known in the Marseille harbor.

Friday, September 13, it is 16 pm when Alex Boronat received a strange phone call. “My best friend hands me the camera, saying quietly that the type on the line appears to be a commercial. Skeptical, I wonder what we will kindly sell me this time ! “, he said, still in shock. On the other side of the line, the individual asks him strange questions and asked if he recently participated in a contest play. “My first instinct is to answer in the negative. At the time, honestly, I do not feel anything. Then type stresses and becomes more accurate. He finally let go of the piece and there hallucinating!” No time to rest to digest the information. It must be at 19 am in Cannes Boat Show, for the official ceremony. Once there, Alex, a little groggy does not believe his eyes. “It catches me, it welcomes me is really the party …”

A game that will change your life. A game, but not just any! There was a line connecting Barcelona regatta in Cannes, bypassing the Balearic Islands and Corsica. More than 10 000 people from 51 nations have tried their luck for a donation of € 9. “I threw myself but really for fun, just to make a good score.” Finally, thanks to the draw Alex won the boat. “It took 9 days, 20 hours, 13 minutes and 12 seconds while the first set in just two days,” he grimaced. Whatever. What matters is to have won the jackpot.

A boat falls steeply

A true enthusiast, from a family of sailors, Alex was vice-champion of France in Europe Moth (dinghy born in the USA in 1933 and whose length and sail area are imposed) in 2006, several times winner of 13 Sailing (a regatta dedicated to youth). “I have seawater in his veins, sailing is my life!” Joked Alex. His father was accastilleur on the Old Port, Plan-Fourmiguier street and his brother, Patrick is sailing master Robert Street in the 7th. Everything you need for optimal navigation. Before the boat falls to him from heaven, the goal of the sailor, recently posted on the shuttles from Friuli and the Levantine a catamaran of 25m was to sell his apartment to buy a ship “worthy of the name “and so start a professional activity. “I’ve already had two vessels, one Aquila Jeanneau 1982 … But there is something else!”, He jokes. The advantage of such a craft is Alex Boronat will need anyone on board. “A boat of 11 meters is perfect. I can handle everything from A to Z.” The message is clear: Alex remained the only one in charge.

The catamaran is not built yet but it should be delivered no later than October 2020. The new owner intends to keep an eye on the site leaves to move to Bordeaux. By then Alex will be able to refine its business plan and go in search of a place in the Old Port as a professional. “I will take the delivery time to pass the captain 200 in order to embark the public.” Because Alex plans to propose high quality services for individuals (weekend or week) for day trips to the works council and why not, training sessions for students preparing their degree sail. “There are plenty of things to do. I love my city. I love Marseille and I am proud to realize my dream.” And this dream, it almost touches the finger.

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