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For a winter without boredom is the Riva Trajan Winter

For a winter without boredom is the Riva Trajan Winter

For a winter without boredom is the Riva Trajan Winter

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Part 3 November P.V. the Winter Championship Regatta Riva Trajan with a class that will spark given the high level of the boats already registered

Riva di Traiano (Civitavecchia) – No less than a month at the beginning of the 2019/2020 dell’invernale Circolo Nautico Riva Trajan and the inscriptions of the Top Team of offshore sailing have not had to wait.

Gianrocco Catalan, winner of the last two editions, with its Tevere Remo Mon Ile, will have to keep their eyes open to defend its title from a plethora of more than competitive suitors. There are returns of Duende, the Vismara 46 Raffaele Giannetti, who after months in the pipeline to lick major injuries, abandons his classic yellow livery allowing himself to a gray / blue making very aeronautics, and to Ars A, Mylius 15:25 Victor Biscarini, that will be both powerful hampered competitors maybe just a rating. Back resounding also to Lorenzo Zichichi reporting after many years all’invernale its historical Comet 51 Free.

There will also be the league debut of the new “Dragon” Luduan 2.0, the Grand Soleil 48 Enrico De Crescenzo, dell’X35 Excalibur Fabrizio Gagliardi, the new boat Francesco Sette, the Dehler 42 Twins Twice, and the new Guardamago II by Massimo Romeo Piparo who steers now one of Italy 11.98 gorgeous Yachts.

And the rest of the lot of competitors is certainly not less. They are already enrolled, in fact, Athyris & C, GS 43BC Race Pier Giorgio Nardis, Canopus, GS 39 M Adriano Majolino, Fly Away 2, Dufour 40 Magliacani / Di Grazia, Milù III, Mylius 14E55 Andrea Pietrolucci, Rosmarine 2 GS 46 Riccardo Acernese, Sayann, Fisrt 40 Paul Cavarocchi, Sir Biss, Sydney 39 by Giuliano Perego, Tes, M37 by Tommaso Di Nitto.

“We expect a great championship – says the president of the CNRT Alessandro Farassino – competitive as ever.

The premises are all and we hope to do many races starting with the beginning of November, the season which in recent years has been wind stingy. There will then also the novelty of coastal crews to double and for those who also compete outside the buoys. The assistance from us and the Port of Riva Trajan’s will as always maximum. With the Port, then, we have renewed the agreement for moorings, as we renewed the agreement with Aquilani Shipyard for washing and any action required. ”

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