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Glassware Fluid. Given the constraints of insularity [Video]

Glassware Fluid. Given the constraints of insularity [Video]

Created in 2008, the Fluid glassware, located in Belle-Ile-en-Mer (56), has made a good name in the world of luxury and excellence craftsmanship. Thanks in part to its location on a tourist island, which is not without logistical constraints. Because the glass and the sea does not always mix.

“Belle-Isle is a combination of circumstances before a choice,” says Fabien Barbeau, aged 41 and manager of the cooperative and participatory company (Scop) Fluid, he co-founded with four partners in 2008. “we had no dosh and family shed was invested.” His parents ran a shipyard in the area of ​​activity of Bordilla the port of Palais. Win for five partners, who met “on the paths of glass in Europe.”

Fabien Barbeau, CEO and cofounder of the fluid glassware. (Telegram / Mathieu Pélicart)

Verrier trained in the school of stained glass, Fabien Barbeau lived eight years in Denmark, to learn the techniques of the hot glass, “the only material that we can not touch to the work.” “Learning is very long. It’s a skill both very technical and physical. ” In the United States and Scandinavia in particular, contemporary glassmakers are real rock stars, who work with their assistants, like the great painters, and are paid handsomely to work in public.

“Everything is more complicated on an island”

At Belle-Ile, Fluid realized € 450,000 in revenue in 2018. “We should spend the € 600,000 mark for living well,” said the manager, who sees the horizon is clear with “several beautiful orders to fulfill in the coming months “,” are recruited to quickly switch from five to six or seven associates. ” The power station alone weighs 30 000 € annual budget. “Everything is more complicated on an island”, where the transportation of gas by tanker is prohibited. The eight fours, including the merger that never dies, are powered by electricity. The glass comes from Sweden, but six to eight tons annually does not always arrive in one piece. Besides the cost of transport, internet and phone that does not always work.

At the table of Dior and Pierre Gagnaire

Creative essence, the workshop also released some mini-series for the luxury industry. Perfume bottles for Dior, or presentation domes for the jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels. “This remains crafts: we do make the molds in Italy or in eastern France, and brings them back here before delivering our orders in hand to Paris.”

The result of a collaboration between glassmakers fluid and the Czech star Martin Janecky. (Telegram / Mathieu Pelicart)

Being present on the tables of a great leader like Pierre Gagnaire has a nice business card, but does not meet the cash drawer. To do this, fluid develops a top collection of exclusive range and very colorful, including sales, on site or online, now account for a third of its revenue. Or when its island location becomes an advantage: “The tourist industry brings us a lot of customers. Procurement of individuals who, through word-of-mouth, sometimes lead to beautiful commands. ” And that enable Fabien Barbeau and his band continue their excellent craftsmanship.

To read about Fluid Workshop. Belle-Ile-en-glass!

One of the latest creations of the Fluid workshop. (Telegram / Mathieu Pelicart)

Fluid glassware, valley Bordilla, 56 360 The Palais, Belle Île, tel. 02 97 31 29 01, www. fluid. coop

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