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Morocco: He steals a yacht to be used in the transport of illegal immigrants (video)

Morocco: He steals a yacht to be used in the transport of illegal immigrants (video)

According to information relayed by the Spanish media ABC, pleasure boats are highly coveted by the mafia transport of candidates for illegal emigration.

A yacht of this type is “safer, faster but yes, the most expensive. Up to 4000 euros for Morocco yacht cruises to the peninsula “Iberian.

ABD states that “mafias offer this new service exclusive to immigrants having more economic opportunities. And this is why they should stock up on boats. Need explains this flight in the Marina Melilla. ”

“A Moroccan citizen is surprised when he tried to capture a yacht. Some witnesses shouting at him, he became nervous and began banging the moored boats. A civilian civil guard gave the alarm and fled to the harbor mouth, about to fall over. He abyss three different ships. It comes out of the port and in no time the capture device is mounted, “says the newspaper.

“A Spanish patrol pursued the thief in the sea. They move away from the coast and warn the Moroccan authorities. Finally they intercept and stop, “he added.

“The Civil Guard is now investigating the owner of the boat in case it could also be involved in a crime of trafficking in human beings”, concluded he.

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