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Sailing school. 150 sailors in the bay last weekend

Sailing school. 150 sailors in the bay last weekend

Nice waves for the first race beginners, Saturday, October 5th.

Saturday 5 and Sunday, October 6, Locquirec Bay hosted the regatta departmental level. Students of the twelve clubs North Finistère competed for regional spring 2020. On both days, the 150 young people had to challenge at times the lack of wind during three innings required to constitute the rankings. Saturday afternoon was reserved for beginners from the first to the third year, important time for all these young apprentices, who discovered the adrenaline of the competition, but also mutual aid and conviviality of the moment. After the race, the EVL’s volunteer moms have struggled to satiate the hungry young body crafted crepes on site.

These two beautiful days have taken place thanks to the presence of fifty volunteers of the local club.

The results

Optimist Group first year: 1. Luke Brenner, St. Pol; 2. Stephen Goff, Roscoff; 3. Leny Roignant, St Pol.

School Optimist Group: 1. Nils Bujard, Saint-Pol; 2. Marilou Lucas Térénez; 3. Clement Paugam, St Pol.

Sail boards Group first year: 1. Alban Le Naour, Térénez; 2. Alice Gendrot Locquirec; 3. Teo Jézéquel Plouescat.

sailboards group: 1. Solveig Marzin, Locquirec; 2. Eloise Roue Plouescat; 3. Kemo Carmelite Térénez.

Interserie catamarans: 1. Serve Ninon – Anthony Le Gall, Carantec; 2. Titouan Floch – Clemence Pelissier, Plouescat; 3. Loïc Lemonon – Simon Mateo, Carantec.

Interserie dinghies: 1. Didier Cozic, Locquirec; 2. Ugo Rimbert, Brest; 3. Titouan Le Naour, Térénez.

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