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A part for 76 years around the world on a brand new catamaran (and tries crew)

A part for 76 years around the world on a brand new catamaran (and tries crew)

“It’s not like the idea of ​​going round the world boat I’ve come suddenly. It ‘s always been my obsession and now, after working a lifetime, I can finally realize the dream. ” So says Pino Lasalandra, 76, landlord of Rome. In August will depart from Fiumara Grande (the port in the Tiber arm outlining the south rim of Fiumicino), on its new, super equipped catamaran Nautitech 54 (16.30 x 8.55 m), to the Canary Islands from there in November , will depart for the Caribbean with the fleet ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruiser, non-competitive Atlantic crossing to Saint Lucia) and then navigate to explore the Pacific (via Panama) and jump around in the world (world ARC).


Pino, who seeks crew for her great adventure – at the bottom you can apply! – is not a sailor novice, “says:” As soon as I bought my first boat, a ketch Westerly Conway 36 (11 meters), For 42 years I have had monohull and I sailed far and wide, “I let go the moorings of Fiumara Grande to the Black Sea, sailing to Turkey, the Bosphorus: I had the opportunity to live a different Turkey, still wild. With a few marine and great hospitality. Returning to Italy did stop even in some wonderful Greek islands “.

After Westerly Conway comes a boat from concept less ‘ocean’, a Jeanneau Espace 1300 (13.50 m): “With her I sailed around the Mediterranean, coming to Portugal.”

But Pino, born explorer, he wants to leave the Mediterranean borders and opts for a boat more ‘marine’: “I Orientai towards a Nauticat 50 and that has been my companion for 17 years: I bought in Turku, Finland, and from there I coasted until it ‘home’. With her, I made my first Atlantic crossing: the Caribbean I have traveled a lot, Cuba, Granada and many islands. ”


Just Caribbean Lasalandra water comes into contact with the world of catamarans: “I saw many, used by individuals and the rental company, so I thought, why not switch to multihulls, too? In fact they are comfortable, fast, and able to accommodate more people on board. I started looking for the right boat, probing the boat shows (especially that of La Grande Motte) and finally, in 2017, I focused on the Nautitech 542 “.

“I ‘a nice big boat – in Pescara, where he then wanted my boats, I had to go to a single place to one double – equipped with every comfort. It has a state of the art electronics and is equipped in the mini details for long voyages. And ‘the ideal boat for what’s on my mind. ”


After arrival to the Caribbean with the ARC, as we have anticipated, Pino will sail to the San Blas, Panama will then off to the Galapagos and the Marquesas, then Australia (where it plans to stop for a while ‘because he has relatives) the Indian, Brazil and the ascent of the Atlantic to the Mediterranean (the stages will follow the schedule of the World ARC). “I am 76 years old, but physically I’m fine, now if I do not do it anymore. And look for housemates to sail together, experienced sailors ready to share the same dream: just knowing English and being ‘mentally prepared’ for long voyages sailing, you will see that we will have fun! ”

Do you want to get on board the Laura IV, the catamaran of Pino, and leave for the world tour? Candidatevi sending a resume to the email

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