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#iloveamalficoast, protecting the sea on the Amalfi Coast

#iloveamalficoast, protecting the sea on the Amalfi Coast

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 – 14:11

#iloveamalficoast, protecting the sea on the Amalfi Coast

Project sustainability wanted from the tourist district

Rome, September 17 (Askanews) – Collect waste floating in the sea and then differentiate them and deposit them in charge of sites: public and private sectors together for the environment and the sea. And ‘the innovative model that comes from the Amalfi Coast, the environment and the sea, #iloveamalficoast, an extensive sustainability project started and wanted by the Tourist District of the Amalfi Coast.

“We are with the Amalfi Coast Tourist District to keep constantly clean the sea. Daily Sentinel spazzamare for floating waste “Marine Litter” is constantly patrolling the coast from Vietri to Positano and contrast. Important support is also providing the Alicost, which specializes in sea link. With the catamaran we collect floating waste to then differentiate them and deposit them in charge sites. From the Amalfi Coast part of an innovative model to protect the environment and bringing together the tourist district of the Amalfi Coast, the Marine Protected Area “Punta Campanella”, the Ente Parco dei Monti Lattari, the Multiservice, the Alicost, all Municipalities of the Coast. Along with the public and private to protect the environment, “said Raffaele Di Leva Director of Multiservice.

From Commander of Multiservice, Mario Mastro, comes an appeal. “The Coast of sea is clean, we are finding enormous quantities of floating waste. Due to the prolonged summer season due to the temperature and to this warm climate, the appeal is addressed to the swimmers: do not throw plastic and organic waste into the sea. ”

The sustainability project on the Amalfi Coast will continue with the delivery of 3,000 bottles in tritan in schools and many other concrete actions, real, innovative.

“In the coming weeks we will distribute throughout the territory of over 3,000 bottles Coast to the students in school buildings and will install 20 water dispensers of the mayor with a positive impact on the environment: some 600,000 plastic bottles, disposable less to dispose, 90,000 meters less plastic and even 480,000 kg. CO2 not produced in a single year. In addition to the environmental and social costs caused by the transport of the bottles – said Andrea Ferraioli, president of the Tourist District Amalfi Coast – and of recycling. From the Coast, a UNESCO heritage site, part of an example for the whole of Italy. The bottles, the result of careful selection, they will all be in Tritan, non-toxic plastic washable, sterilizable and therefore ideal for reuse. It has formed a grand alliance that unites, for the first time, private companies, hotels, a tourist district, a Marine Protected Area and a park in defense of the sea, the environment, the territory around. And ‘certainly an innovative synergy in Italy “.

The operation #iloveamalficoast catamaran Marine Litter, is only one side of the sustainability project started and wanted by the Tourist District of the Amalfi Coast, which already follow in the coming days other very significant and innovative actions.

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