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Maserati and Soldini ready for Hong Kong to Vietnam Race

Maserati and Soldini ready for Hong Kong to Vietnam Race

Maserati Multi 70 and Giovanni Soldini are ready to participate in the 9th edition of the Hong Kong to Vietnam Race, organized by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. The race will start from Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong on October 16 at 11.10 local time (3:10 UTC, 5:10 hours Italian) and will arrive in Nha Trang, Vietnam, after traveling 673 miles with the wind predominantly downwind.


For this edition of the Hong Kong to Vietnam Race, the skipper Giovanni Soldini sail aboard Maserati Multi 70 with a crew of six people:

Guido Broggi (ITA), shift leader – born in 1971, boat captain Maserati Multi 70, has to his credit thousands of miles of ocean and collaborates with Giovanni Soldini for many years, since in 1998 he was team leader of the construction and preparation sporty 60 ‘Fila. He was part of the crew for the conquest of the Hong Kong Tea Route record in London, and in 2019 took part in the RORC Caribbean 600, the CA 500 and Transpac.

Furio Carboni (ITA), grinder – born in 1993, grew into the sea, sailing enthusiast from an early age and participated in several races in the crew. He sailed aboard Maserati Multi 70 for the transfer of about 6,000 miles from Honolulu to Hong Kong.

Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini (ITA), grinder – born in 1966, passionate about traveling by sea and adventure, in the Maserati Multi board 70 has participated in a transfer from Italy to Spain in 2017.

Oliver Perez Herrera (SPA), shift leader – born in 1987, in his career raced aboard Ims 500, Swan 45 and RC44. Already part of the crew of the VOR 70 Maserati, continues to play the role of bowman aboard Maserati Multi 70 and was part of the crew of Giovanni Soldini for the conquest of the Tea Route record and, in 2019, for the RORC Caribbean 600, AC 500 and the Transpac.

Nico Malingri (ITA), grinder – born 1991, started sailing as a child and has won two records in duplicate with his father Vittorio Malingri aboard a catamaran of 20 feet: the Marseille-Carthage in 2016 and the Dakar-Guadalupe in 2017. aboard Maserati Multi 70 took part in the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the RORC Transatlantic Race, the RORC Caribbean 600 and CA 500.

Matthew Soldini (ITA), tailer and grinder – born in 1993, worked at the Maserati Multi 70 project from its inception and has participated in numerous offshore races. He was part of the crew of the trimaran for the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the RORC Transatlantic Race, and, in 2019 for the RORC Caribbean 600, AC 500 and the Transpac.

Of the 9 boats participating in the regatta, 2 multihulls are: direct competitor Maserati Multi 70 is SHK Scallywag Fuku, Orma class 60, with skipper Ben Piggott. The trimaran Hong Kong (formerly Team Australia) has joined the battery run-Team Scallywag in 2018, alongside the eponymous maxi monohull of 100 feet.

The two trimarans in the race will try to beat the absolute sailing speed record of 1 day, 18 hours, 17 minutes and 24 seconds, set in 2015 by Sydney Fisher aboard the monohull Ragamuffin 100. The multihull record dates back to 2006 when Benoit Lesaffre, aboard the Atmosphere catamaran, has concluded the race in 1 day, 23 hours, 40 minutes and 25 seconds.

Giovanni Soldini explains: “We arrived in Hong Kong after a long transfer from Honolulu. After 6000 miles in the Pacific Ocean we are very pleased with the Maserati Multi 70 performances: the trimaran is in great shape and we are ready for the new challenge! ”

In July the Team Maserati Multi 70 has entered the construction site in Hawaii, where he worked tirelessly for two months: the damage to the secondary shell and to the left rudder were repaired, caused by a collision during the Transpacific Yacht Race, and It was performed routine maintenance. It also continues the research and experimentation to optimize flight performance of the Maserati Multi 70: for Hong Kong to Vietnam Race Helms T trimaran are set with an optimal structure, developed after several tests conducted in recent months by Italian Team.

The Hong Kong to Vietnam Race is the final race of the 2019 season by Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi 70. This year the Italian Team has participated in the RORC Caribbean 600 in February, the CA 500 in May and the Transpacific Yacht Race in July .

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