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Lexus presents its super luxury yachts, half Italian

Lexus presents its super luxury yachts, half Italian

Not all luxury automakers offer insanely luxurious yacht for a cruise in the Oceans. Technically speaking, the majority of those in circulation are the result of collaborations with specialized owners. It’s not exactly what happened with this proposal Lexus.

The Japanese brand offers its luxury version called the sea LY 650 after collaborating with the Italian studio Nuvolari Lenard yacht design. After all we know, Italy is famous in this field and our compatriots have helped to shape it, both inside and outside.

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You can control with your smartphone

Some may recall the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept of 2017. There are many similarities, but the LY 650 is much larger: it measures 65 feet in length. The hull utilizes a composite structure, which combines the plastic reinforced by carbon fiber.

Just as on a car even in this case there are several electronic systems that can be controlled via smartphone. Propulsion comes from a Volvo Penta IPS engine of 12.8 liters which can deliver up to 1,350 horsepower each.

Besides the car

“The LY 650 symbolizes the Lexus challenge, which aspires to be a true luxury lifestyle brand, to venture beyond the car,” said Toyota president Akio Toyoda. The commitment in this area is in fact increasing. There is close cooperation between Toyota and Marquis Yachts at the Toyota Production System, the boat manufacturing plant.

“Now I’m really looking to see LY 650 advanced and high-quality show her beauty on the oceans of the world. As mobility company, we are pursuing new opportunities for mobility also on the sea, “said Toyoda. The Lexus LY 650 you can buy from October 30, the price? On request…

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