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Relief Sea – Couach Signs Historic Contract for the Future Fleet SNSM

Relief Sea – Couach Signs Historic Contract for the Future Fleet SNSM


A capital plan call for tenders in 2018

The lifeboat was launched a historic capital project in April 2018. Three groups were selected: Couach (Gujan-Mestras) Grand Large Yachting and Services (architect Pierre Delion), CMN (Cherbourg) and the candidate was unveiled in July 2019. in a press release the lifeboat then indicated that it was holding “the candidacy of Couach sites for project management of its fleet of the future. ”

After consulting several contractors and reviewing their offers, the lifeboat had therefore accepted the application of the Couach shipyard, Gujan-Mestras with a contract for the renewal of 70 ships over a 10 year period about 20 offshore rescue vessels (NHS) and 50 coastal rescue vessels (NSC). Couach was assisted by architects Frederick Neuman and Christopher Bar.

Given the expected number of boats and the equipment life, one should consider this project as historic.

Contract signature

Yesterday Thursday, October 17, 2019 in Paris, Xavier de la Gorce, president of the lifeboat, and Walter Ceglia, president of Couach, officially signed the contract.

A new range of boats

The current “range” very heterogeneous, inherited from the history of the last thirty years is the large canoes all time to the watercraft (jet skis) via first class stars, second class, them- same of various sizes, etc.

In total almost twenty different models!

It was therefore decided to standardize the fleet.

New Fleet is structured around two categories of vessels, allowing rescue response coverage “of the dune off”:

– Rescue of offshore vessels (NSH) first, able to intervene efficiently and off safely in heavy weather. They will provide capacity to meet all the rescue missions.

– the Coastal Rescue vessels (NSC), lighter units to intervene in a very reactive way and at high speed, preferably in the gang of ten water.

The fleet of offshore vessels is based on two models:

– the NSH1, about 17 meters long, suitable for ocean areas,

– the NSH2, 14.5 meters long, for interventions in all areas requiring flexibility to maneuver (stones, small funds, coastal, …) or with significant constraints host (port, shelter) or implementations (tidal areas).

The fleet of coastal vessels is, in turn, consists of four models:

– The NSC1, about 12 meters long, will be the main means of a coastal resort oriented, able to reach speeds of 28 knots with moderate weather.

– The next semi-rigid, with NSC2 about 8.50 meters modular wheelhouse are capable missions to twelve miles off. That may occur alone or in combination with a deep-sea Rescue vessel (NSH), it is transportable by road. The NSC3, about 6.4 meters, is a light means “jettable” by road (trailer coupled to a vehicle 4 × 4) which can be launched from a range or zone little arranged access to the sea.

– The NSC4, pneumatic variants or jet skiing finally completes the range as a means of monitoring and response beaches areas.

(See bottom of the page all the features)

Market conditions and financing

The call for applications expected to select an overall prime contractor that will build all the ships at prices and in a timely, fixed in advance for all the “Catalog”. SNSM the commander according to his needs and possibilities.

To fund a new rescue ship, four sources of financing co-exist:

– the prize pool of the resort itself (small or large donors and multiple actions of local collection);

– the national headquarters of the SNSM that enjoys a bit, too little of the state money;

– and especially some of the 100,000 donors account the lifeboat and some big private partners;

– local authorities, finally, departments and regions mainly.

This is the SNSM which must ensure the pre-financing of the construction of the boats, which she does with donations and treasuries consolidation of all stations in a “pool” national.

SNSM says it has decided to “profoundly change its acquisition strategy and to use a single prime contractor set (EOM), to ensure consistency of Ships and the range important needs anticipated renewal of its fleet in the coming years. ”

“The responsibility of single EOM covers, for all vessels of the range, naval architecture, design, implementation, testing and validation, delivery, training, support for the operational maintenance, in this part of an obligation of results. ”

Choosing a site, industrial grade, also ensures the lifeboat capacity and production flexibility, tailored to their needs, but also to budgetary constraints, while providing visibility over a period of 10 years, in terms of quality, price and delivery.

During the contract signing, and the SNSM Couach announced a 140 boat building plan for a total cost of about 100 million “€, and this over a period of 10 years with an initial firm order of around € 25 million for the supply of 35 ships over five years, then an optional second tranche of the same amount for the same number of ships and also over five years.

To the extent the finances of the SNSM the permit, the contract provides for the provision of the SNSM of industrial production capacity to satisfy him all its renewal needs, namely 140 boats over 10 years.

The lifeboat provides project management program. The Company Couach Shipyard is the prime contractor for the design and implementation of the range of vessels and associated benefits.

Key stakeholders are cooperating naval architecture firm Bar-Neuman, the Z-Nautic company and its AKA brand for semi-rigid ships Numeca, CFD design office (fluid mechanics numerical simulation).

Delivery of the first boats is scheduled for early 2021.

Further details in future issues.

Philippe Brossard-Lotz

Reporter sablais

* The SNSM is an association law 1901 born in 1967 from the merger of the Central Society of Shipwrecked Rescue (SCSN), founded by Admiral Rigault Genouilly in 1865 and Britons Rescue Society Hospital (HSB), created by Henry Nadault Buffon in 1873, two centenary associations from an old maritime tradition: the rescue of persons at sea volunteer and free. The lifeboat was recognized of public utility by decree on April 30, 1970. In 2017, the year of its fiftieth anniversary, the government attributed to sea rescue the label “Great national cause” and established the first National Day of the Sea Rescue . the national sea rescue society is an association funded almost 80% by private funds, which aims to assist anyone in danger at sea and on the coast, in metropolitan France and overseas territories (Réunion, Antilles , New Caledonia, Mayotte, Saint-Pierre-etMiquelon and Guyana). It is the only institution which jointly has the skills and qualifications necessary to intervene from the beach off.

* The company Couach was created in 1897 by Albert Couach with the production of the first marine engines in the world and the first motorized pinasses Arcachon Basin. In 1962 his son, Guy Couach, founded the shipyard in Gujan which are products of series boats with exceptional seaworthiness. The company develops in 1970 a range of surveillance boats and becomes a leading provider of domestic and international maritime and government agencies. In 2005 Couach acquires IMS becomes its technical base in the Mediterranean for maintenance and refit of pleasure boats. In 2011, Nepteam The company, owned by local investors, acquires Couach, contributing to the revitalization of industrial activity in the Arcachon basin and the creation of international subsidiaries. In 2018, the shipyard book 79 high speed interceptors German shipyard Lürssen with outstanding performance: the concept of Zero Defect is introduced to the site. Today, the Couach shipyard is honored to be a partner and overall prime contractor of the SNSM.

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