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Yacht Club Castellammare di Stabia, parking is hi-tech Came

Yacht Club Castellammare di Stabia, parking is hi-tech Came

Friday, 20 September 2019, 11:06


Came Parkare, the Came Group company specializing in the design of advanced systems for parking management, it has developed a new staging area of ​​the prestigious Yacht Club of Castellamnare di Stabia. A top system of Pke range, which can accommodate 760 cars, consisting of 6 openings with barriers Gard 4 and the respective input units and output and 3 automatic cash for payments, which allows you to individually manage the different types accesses users (subscribers of the Navy, occasional visitors for a fee and insiders) .The Yacht Club, the pride of Marina di Stabia, was designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas and has a restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool and some salt conferences. A panoramic terrace overlooking the sea allowing the view of the beauties of the capital of Campania, ranging from the Marine Protected Area of ​​Punta Campanella, Capri, Ischia to Vesuvius, in one sguardo.Il parking system Pke Came simplifies and speeds up ‘ entry and exit of users from parking areas of Marina di Stabia, improving the user experience of all parking facilities (parking user experience). In fact, we have implemented some innovative and ‘smart solutions’ such as the recognition of the vehicle’s license plate with Ocr and antenna use UHF Tag: sticker conveniently applicable on the windshield of the car which allows access faster to the parking lot (fast entry). In addition, the system lends itself to possible future integrations with Telepass.La the parking lot design devices has been entrusted to the Came engineering department, which also provides technical support and advanced remote support in real time. The Pke system ensures low maintenance and requires the use of fewer staff to supervise the parking lot, which can then be used for other tasks. The installation of the system for parking took place in a short time, but in two distinct phases, in such a way as to guarantee to clients of the yacht club access to the structure and continuity of servizi.Il tourist-nautical complex of Marina di Stabia is It has been achieved in the Gulf of Naples in an abandoned industrial area, once occupied by the shipyard Metallurgical Italian. The project is the result of a redevelopment plan that has seen the construction of the marina, a shipyard and dry storage, as well as commercial and industrial buildings, restaurants, sports facilities and exhibition areas. The shipyard is spread over total area of ​​60,000 square meters, ranking as one of the largest marinas in Europe, recovery icon for the South.

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