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With the Lexus Trophy Scotti 2.0 of the winter championship of sailing clubs Committee Alto Tirreno 2019

With the Lexus Trophy Scotti 2.0 of the winter championship of sailing clubs Committee Alto Tirreno 2019

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Is the Lexus Trophy Scotti 2.0, regatta Yacht Club Maritime Republic of Pisa, to open the 2019 Winter Championship with six races scheduled until 1 December. The first race, Sunday, October 13, was held with a ground wind around 10-12 knots and quite smooth which allowed regular departures at around 11. Opeazioni starting well conducted and managed by the jury chaired by Luigi Rocchi assisted by Giovanna Marino Benucci and Gori. The boats are outputs from the Port of Pisa around 10 o’clock, after a short technical briefing and meteorological conducted by Giovanna Benucci, then avviandosi on the race course located about two miles from the coast. Before leaving for Minialtura class and after a few minutes started the Orc fleet which also includes the Grand Cruise group. None (Ycrmp) Andrea Pacinotti (pictured Bacci) was the fastest to walk the “stick” of just under 8 miles, crossing the John Lombardi finish line after one hour and nineteen minutes followed by Mephistopheles (YCL) and podracer (Ycrmp) John Manni. But in the ranking offset in time it prevailed in front of Mephistopheles Scamperix (Ycrmp) Ferruccio angelfish (fourth in real time), and None. Among the Grand Cruise unrivaled Pierrot Lunaire (Ycrmp) Henry Scaramelli (fourth overall) in front of Head and Lische (Lni Pi) Martini and Velsheda (Lni Pi) by Francesco Betti. Another story among Minialtura, managed class in collaboration with the Yacht Club Montecatini, where the first who crosses the finish line is sure of victory and so it was for Mamic (YCL) Bimbi Roberto who ruled the Platu group 25 with the second 6Bizzosa place (YCM) Stefano Bettarini before Hurray (YCM) of ASD Wild Bunch who served the early start with a race across comeback. When pasta for everyone at the Port Restaurant in Pisa and appointment for the second and third test Saturday 26 and Sunday, October 27 with the Gold Cup Savino del Bene Circolo Nautico Livorno.


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