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Chiavari: Ghislanzoni still champion of autumn sailing

Chiavari: Ghislanzoni still champion of autumn sailing

From the Yacht Club Chiavari we receive and publish

Saturday, October 19, 2019, starting at 12:30, organized in the Tigullio Gulf waters by the Yacht Club Chiavari, there was the Regata Social Open- Jeanneau Cup 2019 – Memorial Romano Caselli, open to all ORC classes of boats, IRC , Free and Jeanneau, closing regatta Sailing Championship YCC Autumn and Jeanneau Sailing Cup 2019.

The race was realized with the support and cooperation of Caselli family, who always keeps alive the memory of the Roman Empire, tragically and prematurely passed away 20 years ago, but still alive in the affection of all. Romano Caselli, sea and fishing enthusiast, he loved Chiavari and participated intensively in civic life and the life of his Circle.

And thanks to the collaboration of Union Yachts of Renato and Giovanna Fontana Lavagna, importers of Jeanneau boats, inside the Memorial Regatta Social Romano Caselli was held Jeanneau Cup 2019, gathering of Jeanneau boats, and the third leg of Jeanneau Sailing Cup 2019 .

The race took place on a day marked by cloudy weather, with some sunburst, rough sea and wind departing on then dropped to 9 knots 18 knots, from the East, South-East. Despite the adverse weather, conditions were so ideal for a regatta, although very challenging (so much so that some of the pre-registered boats did not feel to show up at the start) and put to the test the technical capabilities of sailors.


Here are the winners:

In Class ORC:

– Overall Winner: THaT stress 3 By Giancarlo Ghislanzoni (YCC and YCI)

In IRC Class:

– YCC members Category: alebi Massimo Arrighi (YCC)

– Category Non Members and Overall winner: CATHERINE Massimo Bonfante (LNI Sestri Levante);

In Class Cruise:

– Category Non Members YCC: hellcat of Lepore – Raffo – Valerio (LNI Sestri Levante)

– YCC members Category and Overall winner: FORCE Luigi Polenghi FOUR (YC Chiavari);

Grouping Jeanneau:

sansegal Mariangela Rivanera.

Sansegal was also awarded the victory of Jeanneau Sailing Cup 2019.

The Social Open Regatta was the third and final round of the YCC Autumn Sailing Championship and the Jeanneau Sailing Cup 2019 (after Giorgio Gavino Lella Cup and the 14 to 15 September and the Cup and Trophy Dallorso October 5-6).

Saturday, October 19 were therefore awarded the boats that have won the victory in the Championship:

– in ORC1 Class: THAT STRESS 3 of Giancarlo Ghislanzoni (Italian Yacht Club);

– in ORC2 Class: CHICA 3 Sailing School YCC (YC Chiavari);

– in IRC Class: STUPEFY Maria De Leo (ASD Vela CUS Milano);

– Cruise in class: Hellcat of Lepore – Raffo – Valerio (LNI Sestri Levante).

Also it won the TROPHY CHALLENGE CHAMPIONSHIP Sailing Autumn YCC boat THAT STRESS 3 of Giancarlo Ghislanzoni (Socio Italian Yacht Club and Yacht Club Chiavari), 1st classificatasi Overall Class ORC.

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