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Riva sails in XXL

Riva sails in XXL

Called “Race” by its sponsor, the first copy of 50 MT opens a new range of super yachts for transalpine famous naval shipyard. A strategic choice that Carlo Riva himself had called for, just before disappearing in 2017 at the age of 95 years. The man who pushed the family shipyard atop the luxury boating in the 1950s with its powerful boats mahogany (whose famous Aquarama), was also a pioneer of large yachts with the Caravelle and Atlantic, two boats steel motor, each exceeding 20 meters in length and launched in the 1960s with its aluminum shell and stainless steel, 50 MT claiming this heritage, while affirming the uniqueness of the brand through clean lines and taut, an elegance that is often lacking in other large yachts, described by some white whales. This tour de force – XXL seen its measurements – is a credit to Design Officina Italiana,

the studio founded by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, longtime designer Riva in collaboration with the team of the Ferretti Group Engineering (owner of Riva since 2000). According to Lia Riva, daughter of Carlo Riva become brand dealership in France and Monaco, the design duo “has managed to instill the spirit of Riva Dolce Vita in this boat perfectly designed and amazing performance, while maintaining the heritage and the influence of Carlo Riva “.


A story and a unique journey into the world of sailing that make a separate brand Riva, whose boats are often considered the Ferrari of the seas. Between the two transalpine myths forged in the competition and made sacred by the beautiful people of the world, the parallel sense … Never lose the thread of a story

Centennial is the mission designers Riva today. Customers themselves will ensure, as Lia Riva emphasizes EGA- LEMENT president of the Monaco Boat Service, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary: ​​”In Monaco, one of the most important markets of Riva, our clients are very attached to how the spirit and essence Riva continues year after year. The old and the new generation are found around the current range, the Rivale and the last Rivamare Ribelle, through larger boats like the Corsaro or Dolcevita because studio Officina Italiana in respect of inheritance my father cultivates a perfect alchemy between classic design and innovation. ”

With its main deck reserved for the owner, four VIP cabins, terraces, jacuzzi and garage jet skis, all entiè- surely customizable, the MT 50 itself as the flagship of the Riva range. A line that begins with the Iseo and Aquariva,

Open canoe 8 and 10 meters true to the spirit of the Aquarama. In the top category of yachts fly (provided with an open deck with steering position), the last Riva jewelry call Dolcevita 110, 90 and 66 Argo Ribelle.

With its neo-retro look particularly inspired, it is a hit among world leaders, despite a ticket to more than 3.5 million. If Aquariva remains for now the best-selling brand Transalpine, it also sees its future in (very) big: after super yachts Argo and 50 MT (respectively 37 and 50 meters long) its engineers are currently working on projects 70 and 90 meters long. “Carlo Riva, besides being certainly the greatest engineer in the field of sailing, was a true visionary and probably already considering this new era of Riva.” Lia Riva can be happy, dreams her father became reality.

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