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With “robot buoys” the Garda stays clean

With “robot buoys” the Garda stays clean

Will eliminate the problem of abandoned bricks and peaks in the lake. They move by themselves according to the GPS coordinates, they receive from a tablet or a mobile phone. They are powered by batteries and traveling between the nodes 5 and 7, are 2 meters high and a half to 2 meters in diameter, with a weight of 105 pounds. Especially, they are able to remain in the same position, by activating the motors to compensate for the movements of the wind and water.

They are robotic buoys used for Halloween Cup, Optimist regatta which closes the year of activity on Trentino Garda. The regatta is organized by Circolo Vela Torbole in progress until today, hosting 600 young people from 27 nations. The new buoys can start directly from the dock, get to the place determined and can also, if needed, move on command during the race.

At the presentation in Torbole were all sailing clubs of Garda Trentino: the Guild sailing Riva, Navy League of Riva, Arco sailing club, Circolo Surf Torbole and of course the host club. Also present at the City Councilor Fabio Malagoli sport. An exhibit that shows the largest share of the project. It ecology pointing president of Torbole, Gianpaolo Montagni: “This can be a zero year, from which most will not violate our lake.”

The technicians of Roboboj Swiss company explained some details. There has been in the investment of one and a half million francs (1 franc equivalent of 91 euro cents). The assets are already about twenty regattas in various European locations but the finished product, for Italy, debuts in Torbole.

In the future it could equip the solar charger buoys, but for now will do 24 hours of autonomy guaranteed. The buoys are able to maintain the position even with the wind at 25 knots. Sure they do the movements, but also the old buoys anchored to the bottom move. The sailors will have to become familiar with their behavior.

For the race Halloween the company had supplied four buoys plus 1 box (such as a GPS system mounted on buoys), which will go on the boat of the Committee, becoming the fifth buoy and so being able to coordinate with the other. A free supply representing a promotional investment. We have not talked about figures: the representatives have referred only to the fact that cost less than 20 thousand euro. They added that can be purchased or rented, or, again, may be adopted mixed solutions. non-trivial costs, then, why was the unanimous appeal to public institutions circles, which could support a futuristic and environmentally friendly investment.

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