Find Property: Lega Navale Pesaro, part of the 25th sailing winter league Lega Navale Pesaro, part of the 25th sailing winter league


November 6, 2019

PESARO – Celebrate the silver anniversary winter championship organized by the Navy League Pesaro, which this year goes into the water for the 25th edition. Three choices of race Sundays – 10, 17 and November 24 – with any recovery on December 1 in bad weather. “And ‘the sailing event that ended 2019 and for us as the League of Pesaro Naval signifies the continuity of life in” says President Antonio Rossini, already looking towards 2020, as the weekend along with a delegation the Pesaro partnership will in Croatia to finalize the details of the next Pesaro-Pola, the race route of the lugger. “We’re going to meet some presidents of the sections of the Venetian and then the Slovenian coast – explains Rossini – to do promotion and try to revive even more participation.”

Meanwhile, Sunday, November 10 we start with the first day of the winter season: briefing at 9 am, departure at 10.30. As always, there will be 6 tests for the entire championship, which will possibly be divided into two day trials, up to a maximum of three races per day. The admitted classes are the A (up to 7.20 meters), the B (up to 8.50), the C (up to 10,50), D (up to 13) and the Maxi class (over 13 meters). Request the participation of at least three competitors for the formation of a class. E ‘can also participate in a single test, unable to compete in the entire league. The rankings will be drawn in real time, without compensation. Awards on the first of each class, and, as always, every day will end at the table, with lunch offered by the Navy League all crews.

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